Shepherd Yuda is a former Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services officer.



He is married to Mejury.[1]


As of 2009, Yuda had three children with his wife Mejury. The children are Flora, Clarah, and Clint.[1]


In 2009 he was studying towards a computer course at Stockton Riverside College. In September that same year, he had plans to study towards a degree in applied science and forensic investigation at the University of Teesside.[1]


He served as a prison's officer for 13 years. A highly trained weapons instructor, Yuda ranked third in an annual rifle contest and received an award from Robert Mugabe.

In 2000 he became a supporter of the MDC. He was consequently beaten, imprisoned, suspended from work and, after successfully contesting the suspension in court, demoted to a low-ranking job on half-pay.[2]

Vote Rigging Video

Whilst working at Harare Central Prison he was chosen by United Kingdom publication The Guardian to film life behind Zimbabwe's prison walls. He did the task for six tense days in the run-up to the 2008 election. Whilst filming he uncovered evidence of vote-rigging. The video featured a Mugabe supporter organising vote-rigging by getting prison officers to fill in their postal ballots in his presence.

Yuda's clandestine filming was a solitary operation that he kept secret from his wife and at night he recorded his thoughts in a video diary.[2]

His undercover film won the best news programme at the 2009 Broadcast Awards in the United Kingdom.[1]


After fleeing Zimbabwe he went to the United Kingdom where he was granted asylum and now lives in Stockton.[1]


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