Sinyoro Jackson Chinembiri
Jackson Sinyoro.JPG
BornSinyoro Jackson Chinembiri
DiedAround 2000
  • Musician.

Sinyoro Jackson Chinembiri was a famous guitar soloist who made his fame during the Dzemagitare ZBC show that was hosted by Simon Pashoma Ncube in the early on Fridays on Radio 2. Sinyoro as he liked calling himself grew up in Murambinda. Sinyoro enjoyed calling himself "Muswera-kuenda mukwambo weZuva Madirativhange"

He was one of the celebrities of that who usually frequented bars entertaining drinkers and revealers.[1] During his time there were some great singers like Ngwaru Mapundu who was famous for his drunk voice and the Mudhara MuriKenge hit song, John White, Safirio Madzikatire, Jordan Chataika.

Music career

Sinyoro's music has never been recorded and played on air for commercial uses, the songs remained as studio productions, the only videos that exist were those that were recorded by Frank Hand who had visited Irish Franciscan Priest in Murambinda in 1987 [2] Sinyoro and some of the guitar soloist were famous for boarding long distance buses or trains singing to weary passengers for money.

Sinyoro songs

Ndisungeiwo In this song Sinyoro sings about a young family member who grew up in the capital of Harare who visited the rural areas who went to Buhera and was served Sadza cooked from Millet mealie meal which is a dark in colour (khaki) hence the kid refused saying "I don't eat khaki Sadza".[3]

Mweya waJudah Sinyoro in this song narrates the story of Judas Iscariot selling Jesus in exchange of money. he advises people to desist from doing wrong in order to get money.[4]

Boogie neChembere Sinyoro in this song advises a young man to get married and not to play around with older women of the night.[5]

Chihwerure He sings about a visit by his Father in law to his home where the father in-law found out that he was living in hard times

Other songs that were played by Sinyoro were Mhoro Sinyoro shamwari yangu, Siya waitanda mombe [6] Sinyoro Jackson Chinembiri is said to have died in years around 2000.


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