Siqokoqela Mphoko

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Siqokoqela Mphoko
  • Phelekezela Mphoko (father)

Siqokoqela Mphoko is a Zimbabwean entrepreneur, non-executive director of Choppies Zimbabwe and son to Phelekezela Mphoko.[1]


In 2018, Siqokelo, a non-executive director in Choppies Zimbabwe was arrested and charged with 170 counts of fraud. In December of 2018, his bail conditions were revoked after he breached his bail conditions by interfering with state witnesses.

Rape Charges in 2022

In 2022, Soqokoqela handed himself to police after being accused of sexually abusing his 12-year-old niece. He said he had run away from the police station the previous day "because I felt that there was no fairness in my case" but he was now surrendering himself since he believes in the judiciary system.


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