St. Michael's Presentation Primary School (St. Mix)
Kuma Nuni
St. Michael's Presentation Primary School
Other name
St. Michael's
TypePresentation Sister Primary School
Established6 February 1951
FounderPresentation Sisters (Ireland)
AffiliationPresentation Sisters (Roman Catholic)
Religious affiliation
Roman Catholic
PrincipalMrs Cathy Shadwell
LocationHarare, Mashonaland, Causeway, P.Bag 7727, Zimbabwe
CampusChancellor Road, Borrowdale
NicknameLittle Dragons

St Michael’s Presentation Primary School is a Catholic school dedicated to forming a loving and disciplined community of different backgrounds where the dignity and holistic development of each child is promoted. Nano Nagle, Foundress of the Presentation Congregation, began her mission of educating the poor in the ‘little school’ in Cove Lane, Cork, Ireland, in 1775. In setting up schools in defiance of the established colonial order, she sided with those who were poor and challenged the institutional injustice that perpetuated marginalisation and poverty. Nano responded to the needs of her time and developed an educational curriculum suitable to her students. To-day, Nano Nagle is regarded as one of the great pioneers of Catholic education. Her work laid the foundation for a voluntary school system in Ireland. Her spirit and tradition inspire the Presentation Philosophy of Education. At the invitation of Bishop Chichester, the great grand-nephew of Nano Nagle, it was decided to open a Preparatory School for Catholic boys in Harare (Salisbury). On 16 December 1950, Mother Bernard Ryan and Sr Marie Louise Frost took possession of newly acquired (02/08/1950) property in Borrowdale – the former residence of Sir Ernest Montagu who had purchased the original site in 1912 from Frederick Courteney Selous, the guide for the Pioneer Column coming into the area in 1890. The site is of historical interest according to a letter written by Sir Ernest to Mother Bernard in September 1950. The Kopje in front of the present convent was a look-out post to warn the people of Domboshawa of the impending raids of the Matabele warriors. On 6 February 1951, St Michael’s Preparatory School opened with 33 boys in Standards 1 and 2 who were taught in the present Convent where Presentation Sisters live. In November 1951 tenders were invited for the building of the school. Building commenced in March and the foundations were blessed by Father W. Erdozain SJ on 19 March. The foundation stone was blessed by Bishop Chichester on 12 June 1952. The official opening of the school building was on 10 February 1953 with 40 boarders and 135 day scholars. The school went from strength to strength, the boys excelled themselves in academic, cultural and sports disciplines under the guidance of the Presentation Sisters and their Philosophy of Education. 2015 saw the opening of our ECD block and in 2017, after sixty-six years as initially the preparatory school for St George’s College, later the preparatory school for Hartmann House and St George’s College, St Michael’s is taking further steps towards becoming a full primary school in its own right. St Michael’s Presentation Primary School offers places up to Grade Six and Grade Seven in 2020. St. Michael's still remains a preparatory school for St George’s College.