St Davids Bonda Secondary School

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St Davids Bonda Secondary School
Gradesordinary and advanced level
Contact Details:
Tel: +263 29 2311

St Davids Bonda Secondary School (St Davids Girls High School) is at Bonda Mission, Mutasa District, in Manicaland Province. The school offers ordinary and advanced level and has boarding facility. It it is run by the Anglican Church.
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Address: Bonda Mission, Ward 12, Mutasa, Private Bag T7904, Mutare.
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St David’s Girls’ High School Bonda is located in Mutasa district and it is run by the Anglican church in Zimbabwe. The school is a top performer in academics and is constantly making the headlines.

A 96.83% pass rate at O-Level saw the school taking fifth place nationally in 2015. In 2014 the school scored an impressive 100% pass rate at A-Level. St Davids Bonda Secondary School ranked 18th in the November 2018 Zimbabwe Top 100 O' Level Schools with a pass rate of 86.73%

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The school has invested in IT and e-learning. It has a computer lab.
The school has a boarding facility.

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Satanism Allegations

St David’s Bonda Girls High School was in 2017 gripped in an alleged Satanism storm following reports that a Form Three girl stabbed another while possessed. Investigations showed that a Form Three student (name withheld) allegedly stabbed a colleague, but the responsible authorities reportedly influenced the withdrawal of the case which had been forwarded to Nyanga Magistrate Court for prosecution.

Although authorities at the school remained tight-lipped, police, court and education officials confirmed the stabbing case. Acting Manicaland Provincial Education Director, Mr Andrew Chigumira, said the case was brought to his attention after the school had requested for authority to expel the student who stabbed a colleague.

Yes, I can confirm receiving a stabbing report from Bonda, but it was after the school had requested for an application to expel the child. We granted the application because we thought it was wiser for the student to go to a new environment for her to adjust. “There was no mention of suspected Satanism from the responsible authorities, but they treated the matter as a stabbing incident,” said Mr Chigumira.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Enock Chishiri, also confirmed the incident and said investigations were underway and a docket was opened. The docket was sent to court for prosecution.

“We treated it as an assault case and the docket was referred to court for prosecution. The incident involved a 16-year-old girl who stabbed a colleague with a knife on the back of the shoulder. She was picked up for questioning and the knife used was also taken by the police as an exhibit,” said Insp Chishiri.

Nyanga prosecutor, Mr Kelvin Mufute, also confirmed the case and said: “The case was brought for prosecution, but was later withdrawn by the responsible authorities.”

Reports from the students, which were stamped by the headmaster and his deputy as a true record of the stabbing incident, are recorded and point the whole incident to Satanism.

In her report, the stabbed student wrote:

“Last week, Rev Mukome called me to tell that the stabber (name withheld) had brought a knife to school so that she could stab me. He told me that they had prayed for her and the demon had left her and she wanted to confess to me. On Monday, the 28th of May soon after break she (the stabber) told me to stay alert because anything could happen to me. I never really took it seriously because I didn’t think she could actually stab me. “Today just before prep began as I walked (sic) from the courts, I felt a sharp pain on my back. I turned to see what it was and I saw her (the stabber) behind me. As I turned to ask her what had hit me, I saw a knife fall (sic) to the ground. I went into the study room and showed my friends where I felt the pain.”

In a letter addressed to Rev Mukome well before the stabbing incident, the stabber, wrote:

“Well, it is my opportunity from God to write this letter to you as a man of God. Anyway, the reason why I use this method of writing is that I am not able to tell you face to face this issue because I am emotional.

“Anyway, I faced another problem the same day that I surrendered the knife to you. When you accompanied me to school with your wife, after about 10 minutes I just have a headache (sic). After that I went to the round hut where we do our prayers as students. I vomited things that I didn’t know, but they were sort of blood (sic). I got confused. Father, I really need your prayers and also your help.

“Please may you see that girl so that we can as well pray with her ndokumbirawo. She has to know what is happening. After I vomited, I heard a voice which was saying: ‘Go take (sic) that knife where you put (sic). That is why I was scared to leave it away, alone (sic). Then the voice also said: ‘Failure to take it before Tuesday she is going to die during her lessons. Please father may you pray for her (the stabbed girl). It is affecting my lessons. I do not want her to die. She is my good sister in Christ. I will rather commit suicide than her to die. That is the best way I can solve it.”

In her account which she wrote in vernacular, the stabber said she had been seeing visions since the first term where she was being instructed to kill the girl she eventually stabbed.

“Last term I dreamt killing the girl and also drinking blood. I told another student (name withheld) and she told me to pray, which I did. It was okay during the holiday. The strange things started again this term and I told Rev Sango who referred me to Rev Mukome. I went to Rev Mukome and we prayed together before he administered anointed oil on me. I continued having the same dream. One of the nights I dreamt being at the ocean. While we were there we spoke in foreign languages. Someone introduced to me as Vongai, but she did not tell me her surname.

“One of the days I woke up to discover a silver knife with a sticker written ‘this is the month’. The knife was supposed to be used in stabbing the girl I stabbed. I later surrendered the knife to Rev Mukome. We prayed together with other students (names supplied). That night I had a dream where I was drinking blood. I started having serious stomach complications. I was given tablets by Sister Milly.

“On May 28, a colleague (name withheld) asked me to bring her a plate, spoon and cup. I was supposed to take the utensils from a drawer in the dinning hall at the convent. I suddenly took the knife. I wanted to kill the girl. During our Geography lesson I almost stabbed her. I didn’t know what was happening.

“After dining hall session, I was studying Geography when I saw the girl walking towards the study room. I don’t know what happened, I dashed to get the knife and walked behind her (the stabbed). She was not seeing me all along. She proceeded to Room 25 with me following behind. I stabbed her on her way from Upper Six Science classrooms. Wn I stabbed her, I felt dizzy. I later told a colleague (name withheld) what had happened. I am really asking for forgiveness from the girl’s family. She never wronged me,” wrote the stabber.

A disgruntled parent wrote a letter of compliant saying: “What is worrying though is the treatment of our children particularly at Bonda where satanism is now rife. How can you transfer a child who is next to a murderer to St Mathias High School? Why is the priest in charge keeping the knife which the other girl used to stab another child? Why is the Ministry of Education not investigating this scandal where one child had the guts to stab another child? Why sweeping things under the carpet?”

Parents also complained of harassment of school heads and bursars by the new education board.

“Why are education board members demanding $100 sitting allowances for doing nothing? Is this not daylight robbery? Remember it takes only a few weeks to destroy an establishment which could have taken 100 years to build. Look into these matters as we are after protecting our diocese. It is no longer a Makoni/Bakare/Jakazi issue. We want development, ethical behaviour and commitment especially on our education,” wrote a parent[1] Book Ref



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