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Stanley Raphael Khumalo

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Stanley Raphael Khumalo
Stanley Raphael Khumalo
Stanley Raphael Khumalo
Born Stanley Raphael Tshuma
(1958-04-27) April 27, 1958 (age 59)
Nyamandlovu Hospital
Nationality Zimbabwe
Known for claiming to be King Mzilikazi II
Parent(s) Meleni Mazibisa Dube, Saul “Ngeza” Tshuma

Stanley Raphael Khumalo is a Zimbabwean who is one of the claimants to the Ndebele Kingdom. [1] Stanley believes that he is the rightful heir to the Ndebele throne, and that he is the rightful King Mzilikazi II. Although he was born Stanley Raphael Tshuma, Stanley believes that his real surname is Khumalo as his great grandfather Khuhlumba Khumalo adopted the Tshuma surname after fleeing from King Lobengula who wanted to have him killed. Said Khumalo,

I had a vision twice in my sleep where God revealed himself to be using me. God told me he loved his people and had made me their king. God has loved his people and has made me their king and that their freedom, welfare, prosperity and that of mine is tied to the restoration of the Matebele Kingdom.

I am God’s choice by His grace and not merit or any qualification[1]


Stanley Raphael Khumalo was born on 27 September 1958 at Nyamandlovu Hospital, as Stanley Raphael Tshuma. His parents were Meleni Mazibisa Dube and the late Saul “Ngeza” Tshuma [2] He changed the family name from "Tshuma" to Khumalo in 2009[2], and as a result some people gave him the nickname "Tshumalo" a portmanteau of Tshuma + Khumalo.[3]

He claims that he started having visions on 2002, in which God told him that he had chosen him to be King MZilikazi II. He also claims to have met with at least 10 Prophets of God from different nations as well as traditional healers who all told him that he must lead the Matebele Kingdom.[2],

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