Stanley Manyenga Ward 23, Waterfalls Cllr from July 2018, and Deputy Chair of Harare Province Youth League is a long time MDC activist, arrested in 2014. In 2019, he came out strongly in favour of Nelson Chamisa.

Personal Details

Stanley Manasi Manyenga.
Born: 1982
Cell phone: 0773 013 438

School / Education

No information could be found on his Junior or High School, or any tertiary education.

Service / Career

2018 – elected to Ward 23 Harare Municipality with 12 276 votes, beating Peter Tom of Zanu PF with 3050 votes, Tendai Sayti of MDC-T with 797 votes, Caven Chirimumimba, independent with 438 votes, Emmanuale Mawarire, independent with 315 votes, Mjobisa Noko of ZAPU with 232 votes, Clara Chapinduka of NPF with 151 votes, John Gwisalu of NCA with 128 votes, Job Kufakunesu of PRC with 83 votes, Luckson Noble Masiyiwa of CODE with 82 votes, Wonder Chiutika of BZA with 61 votes, and Erasmus Murahwa of ZDU with 46 votes. [2]
2019 -Deputy chairperson for Harare Province youth assembly.


In August 2014, a group of seven MDC-T supporters were arrested for protesting. They appeared in court and claimed before Harare provincial Magistrate Douglas Chikwekwe that they were assaulted by police and sustained serious injuries in the process. Ronia Bunjira an MP for Harare province, Youth of Zimbabwe for Transparency and Progress, Danmore Tshuma and Keith Charumbira, a Pastor of Holy Nations Ministry in Mabvuku, all appeared in the court and were remanded in custody for bail hearing. Also arrested on the same charges were Bridget Nyandoro, of Rugare, Stanley Manyenga, Stewart Gwebe and Unnete Chibinya. The state was represented by Barbra Ndoro who charged the group with obstructing or endangering the free flow of persons or traffic. [3]

While addressing the media at a March 2019 meeting, deputy chairperson for Harare Province youth assembly Stanley Manyenga spoke against "A reckless and Zanu PF supported Presidential candidate”. It is believed he referred to Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora who is battling against allegations of working with Zanu PF. "The Assembly resolved that the solution lies in President Adv Nelson Chamisa's leadership.”
Mwonzora has been under fire since February last year when he vehemently opposed Chamisa's rise to power following the death of founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai. Some leaders including the then party spokesperson Obert Gutu, and Lovemore Moyo the chairman, have since left the party murmuring at the manner in which Chamisa took power. [4]

In March 2019 MDC Alliance Harare Provincial Youth Assembly deputy chairperson Stanley Manyenga said the party’s presidential seat has been ring-fenced for Nelson Chamisa and that officials looking for positions can contest for vice president going downwards at the oncoming congress. The Nelson Chamisa led party is set to hold its first elective congress, 24 to 26 May 2019, since the death of founding party president Morgan Tsvangirai in February 2018.
MDC-T is a splinter group that is led by Thokozani Khupe with the help of Obert Gutu and few other former party members. [5]

It is alleged that, at an April 2019 meeting, Stanley Manyenga intimidated District to nominate Lovemore Chinoputsa to be the National Youth Assembly Chairperson. At the MDC Harare Provincial Youth Assembly Chairman, Nine District Assemblies reportedly nominated Denis Juru as their preferance, however Manyenga strongly condemned Juru’s nomination, claiming that he used money to buy votes, US$1000 to the District Chairpersons to share amongst themselves and an extra $100 each through EcoCash. Manyenga threatened to issue a warning letter against the District Chairpersons. The District Chairpersons, however, dismissed his threats querying why he did not disqualify Juru if he knew he was vote buying. Manyenga continued to throw a volley of threats which resulted in all the District Chairpersons giving in to his demands. As a result, the province nominated Chinoputsa as the province’s choice.
Other nominations made are:

Manyenga suggested that there should be co-option of people who came second in the elections and professional youths between the ages of 18 to 25years from Civil Society Organisations. This caused a stir as it was seen as a ploy to co-opt Nelson Chamisa’s allies especially those who lost. Chinoputsa and Manyenga are Chamisa’s close allies, whilst Juru is said to be aligned to the Mwonzora camp. [6]

The April 2019 edition of 2019 Human Rights Violations reported on Intra-party violence plaguing the nomination process of Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) elective congress scheduled for 24-26 May 2019.
Violence was reported during the MDC Harare youth congress held at Show grounds on 16 April 2019. Dennis Juru a nominee for the national youth chairperson position was assaulted by rival youths opposed to his candidature led by Harare West ward 16 Councillor Denford Ngadziore and Albert Chidakwa. They reportedly attacked Juru for contesting against their preferred candidate; Stanley Manyenga. [7]

In May 2020, Johanna Mamombe, Obey Sithole, Ostallous Siziba, Stanley Manyenga and Justin Chidziva were involved in an illegal flash demonstration in Warren Park, Harare on 13 May 2020. However, the ZRP dismissed all social media reports insinuating that the police have detained or has custody of them. [8]

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