Stephen Mahere
Picture of Stephen Mahere
BornStephen Max Mahere
Alma materUniversity of Zimbabwe
EmployerGovernment of Zimbabwe
ChildrenFadzayi Mahere

Dr. Stephen Mahere is an educator. He is the father of prominent lawyer and political activist Fadzayi Mahere. Stephen Mahere served as the Permanent Secretary of the then Education, Sport, Arts and Culture from February 2009 to June 2012 when he was reassigned to the Public Service Commission. He resigned from the civil service in 2013.

Personal Details

No information could be found on his age or place of birth.
He is father to Fadzayi Mahere.

School / Education

He went to St Mary's Secondary School (Wedza).

Academic Qualifications

  • PhD(UZ); MBA(UZ); PGDE(UZ); BSc(UZ); FCIS(ICSA); CSTT Admin (Japan)
  • He has published a number of books and Research Studies.[1].

Research Interests

Educational Administration, Leadership and Supervision, Measurement and Evaluation, Project and Programme Evaluation, Government and Education Policy and Leadership and Organisational Effectiveness, Educational Planning and Financial Management.


Published the following books and Research Studies:

  1. Mahere, S. M. and Masango, R. B. (1990). “Project in Secondary Mathematics” Book 1; and Teacher’s Book 1;The College Press.
  2. Mahere, S. M. and Masango, R. B. (1991). “Project in Secondary Mathematics” Books 2; and Teacher’s Book 2.The College Press.
  3. Mahere, S. M. and Masango, R. B. (1991). “Project in Secondary Mathematics” Books 3; and Teacher’s Book 3.The College Press.
  4. Mahere, S. M. and Masango, R. B. (1992). “Project in Secondary Mathematics” Books 4.Teacher’s Book 4.The College Press.
  5. Mahere, S. M. (2014). A Study of Ethics and Professionalism in Zimbabwe’s Education System. Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research. University of Zimbabwe.
  6. Mahere, S. M. (2001).Financial Policy. Zimbabwe Red Cross Society.
  7. Mahere, S.M. (2000) Constitution of the Baphalali Swaziland Red Cross Society. Mbabane. Swaziland.
  8. Kronman, G.; Mahere S. M. and Dlamini, B. (2000): Investing in Self- Reliance: Mid-Term Evaluation of a three – year Resource Development Project in Baphalali Swaziland Red Cross Society.
  9. Mahere S. M. (1996): Instructional Supervision: a Perspective of Heads of Schools and Teachers in Zimbabwe.
  10. Mahere S. M. Pfukani P. P. and Moyo D. A Survey of the Book/Pupil Ratios in Zimbabwe’s Primary and Secondary Schools. MOESC, Head Office, Harare.
  11. Mahere S. M. (2001): A Study of the Role of Marketing Research in Managerial Decision – making: A case study of Harare- based food – Manufacturing Organisations, February 2001.
  12. Mahere S. M. (1984) Teachers’ Perception of their Role in Zimbabwe – December 1984.


  • In September 2011, as Permanent Secretary of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture Secretary, Mahere clashed with the Minister of his ministry David Coltart over Coltart's plans to allow Trust schools to run their affairs without government oversight. Mahere blocked the plan. Coltart however said this had never happened.[2]
  • Mahere is a former trade unionist [3]


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