From Left: Tafadzwa Mapako, Alick Macheso and Nyadzisai Macheso

Tafadzwa Mapako is the former second wife of Sungura musician Alick Macheso. Mapako was mostly covered in the local media when she divorced Macheso. In May 2014, the courts questioned her identity after a margistrate established that her name was not on her national identification card. Tafadzwa was also reported on a lot in 2012 when she became Macheso's second wife. It was also reported that during their divorce, Tafadzwa threatened Macheso many times telling him she had links with the most powerful people including members of the dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation and even R & B star, Akon.

Before Macheso

Tafadzwa is alleged to have had two failed marriages before she married Macheso in 2010. Her first marriage was to a teacher named Thomas Mayisiwa Matsapa in 1996 when she finished her O-levels. She had one child in the marriage before separating from him and moving to Harare.[1] Her second was to a serial armed robber Shepherd Mhizha. Mhizha was arrested and detained at the Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison in 2005. Known as Major Sanyati Samanenji in robbing circles, Mhizha was sentenced to 20 years in prison for various armed robbery cases together with two of his accomplices. However, he did not serve the term as some Harare bogus lawyer, George Simbi, secured his release together with eight other suspected armed robbers in 2009 using fake High Court release orders.[2] After his release, he went back and continued with armed robbery. In 2011, he was shot dead by the police.

Claim to Fame

Most of her past was virtually unknown until she married Macheso in 2010. The much-publicised event saw Macheso's first wife Nyadzisai accompanying her husband to Mapako's people to pay lobola. Mapako became a celebrity at the time. Macheso went further to pen a song for her. Entitled Tafadzwa, the song became a massive hit and made waves on local stations. The couple would accompany each other at all major events. Even before the marriage Nyadzisai had long before accepted Macheso’s second wife into their family home describing it as natural [3]

Maintenance Claim

After the two's divorce Tafadzwa filed a US$$,300 monthly maintenance lawsuit for the upkeep of their two children. The money was broken down as follows;

  • US$1,500 for monthly groceries
  • US$300 for a housemaid.
  • US$300 for the gardener.
  • US$600 clothing allowance
  • US$300 fuel allowance.
  • US$450 monthly for a driver
  • US$600 for vehicle allowance and servicing.
  • US$750 for medication of her family
  • US$550 for extra-curricular activities.
  • US$200 Telephone allowance
  • US$1,100 per monthly rent, water and electricity bills.
  • US$400 monthly for hair and beauty therapy.[4]

To put this in context, the government had set the maximum salary for government company CEOs at US$6,000. Mapako said the Sungura king had not been supporting her and the two minors since December 2012. She had said that amount was enough to enjoy the lifestyle she and the children used to enjoy while at Macheso's. However Macheso's first wife, Nayadzisai dismissed the amount saying they lived a normal life. In her affidavit to support Macheso, she said having lived with Mapako before, they could buy groceries for about $100 to $150 per month as a combined family, hence the maintenance claim was not justified.[5]


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