Tafadzwa Muguti
Tafadzwa Muguti
EducationSt Martins Convent, Chaenga College, University of Zimbabwe, University of Liverpool
  • Entrepreneur.

Tafadzwa Muguti is a Zimbabwean businessman and is the Group CEO at Africapaciti Investment Group in South Africa.


He was born and raised in Zimbabwe.

Educational Background

Muguti graduated from the UUniversity of Zimbabwe with an Msc in Computer Sec, before attaining two more qualifications at Liverpool University and Chaenga College.[1]


Tafadzwa joined the IT industry when he was 17 when he was working as a Data Capture Clerk.[1] In 2004, he founded Secure Dynamix and was the company CEO up until 2011. He is also said to have founded many other SMEs which include National Transactions Exchange, Bantu Africa. Currently, he is the group CEO at Africapaciti Investment Group in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Legal Battle with Huawei

Muguti was involved in a legal battle against NetOne and Huawei after the latter was awarded a tender to upgrade NetOne Zimbabwe's network to be LTE compatible when they had not participated in the tender process.[2] The matter was however dismissed by the administrative court after Muguti did not appear for court.[3]


  • 2008 and 2009 African Achievers SMME Finalist
  • Continental Excellence AWARD Zimbabwe 2010.
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