Tafadzwa Musekiwa
Tafadzwa Musekiwa 2017.jpg
ResidenceHarare; Greater London
Known forBeing a founding member of the MDC party
Home townChitungwiza

Tafadzwa Musekiwa is a politician and former MDC Member of Parliament for Zengeza.

In 2003, Musekiwa became the youngest MP in Zimbabwe at the age of 24. He, however, fled Zimbabwe later that year to the United Kingdom and sought asylum after fellow legislator Job Sikhala and his lawyer were detained and tortured.[1] Musekiwa resigned from his MP post from the UK. He eventually returned to Zimbabwe after 15 years on 14 April 2018.

Tafadzwa Musekiwa (behind hand) with late MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai and then MDC National Chairman Isaac Matongo in 2003

Alleged Plot to assassinate Robert Mugabe

It was alleged that Tafadzwa Musekiwa and Job Sikhala wanted to assassinate Robert Mugabe. It was said that Sikhala and Musekiwa approached Temba Mliswa in London and told him that White people wanted to assassinate Mugabe as he was the stumbling block in their bid to place Morgan Tsvangirai as the President of Zimbabwe.

Fraud allegations

Job Sikhala and Tafadzwa Musekiwa were arrested on fraud charges as it was alleged that they were using Parliamentary priveledges to import cars for resale.

They were released on bail by the Magistrate's court urging the state to pursue the matter by way of summons and Zanu-PF cried foul saying that the courts were realising MDC members with cases to answer.

Affair with former Child President

In 2001 Jonathan Moyo the then Deputy director of information in Zanu-PF accused Musekiwa of taking advantage of Linda Museka who was 20 years old and the former Child President. Moyo claimed that Musekiwa was old enough to be Museka's father despite the fact that Musekiwa was 25 years old then and Museka was 20 years old. Learnmore Jongwe said that Jonathan Moyo had no moral grounds to judge Musekiwa's life and love affairs since Jonathan Moyo was a divorcee.

Breaching the Posts and Telecommunications Act

Musekiwa was taken to court and charged with breaching the Posts and Telecommunication Act as it was alleged that he phoned Jonathan Moyo who was the Minister for Information and Publicity threatening him with death.

Failed Convictions

The police failed to get a conviction against Mr Musekiwa despite arresting him about a dozen times in 2002.

Musekiwa's house bombing

Tear-gas grenades were hurled into Mr Musekiwa's home by unidentified attackers. No arrests were made after that attack.

Forced Exile

It was alleged that Musekiwa sought refuge in London after three of his colleagues were tortured by police in Harare. The then MDC party spokesman, Paul Nyathi, said that would not be returning home until the volatile political atmosphere in Zimbabwe had calmed down. He would risk torture if he returned.

MDC ultimatum

The MDC issued an ultimatum that gave Musekiwa up to the 26th of February 2003 to return home or face expulsion.

Blasting the MDC

Musekiwa blasted the MDC and vowed to remain in exile despite the ultimatum issued against him. Musekiwa said he would only return after the threat against his life had been dealt with.

Receiving a salary from Parliament whilst in exile

Musekiwa received a salary for a year from parliament after he had sought refuge in London and abandoning his Job.

Tsvangirai's plea for Musekiwa not to come back

It was alleged that Tsvangirai telephoned Musekiwa and pleaded with him not to return to Zimbabwe as his life was still in danger. It was also alleged that during the conversation Musekiwa told Tsvangirai of his plight that he had fallen on hard times and struggling to survive as he was not employed

Resignation from Parliament

In 2003 Musekiwa resigned from Parliament through a letter to the speaker of parliament who was Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Coming back from exile

Musekiwa was interviewed by Lance Guma from Nehanda TV and hinted that he would be returning to Zimbabwe after 15 years in exile in the United Kingdom.

Exiled Tafadzwa Musekiwa speaks on going back to Zimbabwe after 15 years

Tafadzwa Musekiwa is welcomed back to Zimbabwe at Robert Mugabe International Airport

It was an overwhelmingly present surprise for Tafadzwa’s mother to see him back in the family home in Chitungwiza. She was not aware of his imminent return. He was welcomed by hundreds of supporters who thronged themselves at the airport and at the family home.


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