Telecel Zimbabwe
Trading name
Telecel Zimbabwe
Founded1996 in Harare, Zimbabwe
FounderMiko Rwayitare
HeadquartersSeke Road, Harare South, Harare, Zimbabwe
Key people
James Makamba, Chairman
Footnotes / references
Contact Tel: (263 4) 748321 – 7, (263 4) 780999 or 781624

Telecel Zimbabwe has a number of promotions that they offer their subscribers at any given time.

Here are the codes and methods of how to buy them:

Check your balance

Dial/call *122#

Topup airtime

Dial/call *123*RechargePin#
Also you can call 152 and follow instructions to inputting your recharge pin

Call me back

Dial *140*MobileNumber# to send a 'call me back' to someone on any local network. The MobileNumber should be in the format '07##000123'.

Check if reachable

Confirm whether a Telecel subscriber is available or not, and be notified when their number becomes reachable if they were previously off
Dial/call *141*MobileNumber# where MobileNumber is the Telecel number of the person you want to check. Number should be in the format '073xxxxxxx'.

Missed Call Alert

Dial/call *142# and be notified when of any calls that you may have missed when your phone was off.

Emergency Airtime

To borrow airtime and pay back later, you are charged 10% extra for this service
Dial/call *143#
One can borrow between $0.30 and $5, depending on the amount of airtime that you have spent within the month
Note that you need to be on a zero balance and not be owing any previous airtime

Data Bundles

To buy data bundles you need to: dial/call *144# and select the bundle of your choice.
Data bundles are not valid when roaming Another method is to text the word BUNDLE to 33073 and follow instructions after (texting is free) Dial/call *144# to check your data bundle balance

Data Bundle Prices

  • 50c - 4.8MB valid for 30 days
  • $1 – 9.5MB valid for 30 days
  • $3 – 76MB valid for 30 days
  • $5 – 142.5MB valid for 30 days
  • $10 – 304MB valid for 30 days
  • $20 – 800MB valid for 60 days
  • $45 – 2000MB valid for 90 days
  • $75 – 4000MB valid for 120 days

On-net Voice Bundles

On-net bundles are voice bundles that allow you to call people on the same network. To access Telecel's on-net voice bundles
dial/call *156# and select the bundle of choice


Teletunes is a CBRT (call back ringtone) service that allows you to set a song that people who are calling you will hear.
Dial/call *147# and follow instructions to get the list of songs that are available

Transfer Airtime

You are able to send airtime to another Telecel subscriber, so long as you have airtime in your account. This facility is offered to pre-paid subscribers.
Dial/call *178# and follow instructions.
Note that it costs 2c per transfer

SMS Bundles

SMS bundles allow a subscriber to phone all other mobile networks in Zimbabwe
Dial/call *404# to buy the bundles

SMS Prices

  • $0.25 - 25 SMSes valid for 1 days
  • $0.50 - 125 SMSes valid for 7 days
  • $1.50 - 450 SMSes valid for 30 days

Social Media Bundles

Telecel have Facebook and WhatsApp bundles. Opera, YouTube and Twitter bundles are not yet available.


Dial/call *480# Facebook bundles
SMS the letter 'F' to 33480

Facebook Bundle Prices

Bundle Price (USD) Unlimited Data* Validity (days) Daily $0.29 valid for 1 day Weekly $0.89 valid for 7 days Monthly $2.85 valid for 30 days


Dial/call *480# WhatsApp bundles
SMS the letter 'F' to 33480

WhatsApp Bundle Prices

Bundle Price (USD) Unlimited Data* Validity (days) Daily $0.29 valid for 1 day Weekly $0.89 valid for 7 days Monthly $2.85 valid for 30 days

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