Title of bus disaster
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Title of bus disaster
Date {{{date}}}
Location {{{location}}}
Deaths {{{deaths}}}

All parameters are necessary with the exception of those marked :

  • boxwidth – width of infobox; default is 290px (the image can push the box wider).

Image section

  • image – name of the image file (e.g. Bus-disaster-photo.jpg).
  • image_width – width of image; default is 282px.
  • caption – a caption to explain the image, if needed (not to state the obvious).

Details section

  • title – name of the bus incident, usually the same as the title of the article
  • date – date of the incident in plain text (e.g. 1 January 1980 or January 1 1980, depending on local custom)
  • time – time of the incident
  • location – location (suburb) of where the incident occurred, wiki-linked for convenience if necessary (e.g. [[Camp Mountain, Queensland]])

    Location placement

    The following should all be used together, however location-dist (or location-dist-mi) is the element to cause this to work/appear:

    • location-dist – direct distance (not rail distance) from capital city as a plain number, limited to two decimal points (e.g. 49.53, 49.5 or 50; no need to be too accurate with decimal points if distance is some hundreds of kilometers away, e.g. 349 not 349.1)
      • location-dist-mi – as above, but where metric measurements are not used; will return a conversion of miles into kilometers
    • location-dir – direction from capital city as a simple letter abbreviation (e.g. N, NW or NNW)
    • location-city – name of capital city of the state the incident occurred in, wiki-linked and piped if necessary for convenience (e.g. [[Brisbane]] or [[Perth, Western Australia|]]) – pipe the location if the link contains the country, and use country below
  • country – provide the country, as a "shortcut" flag template, where the incident occurred (e.g. {{NIC}} [returns 23x15px Nicaragua], or {{AUS}} [returns 23x15px Australia]) – see Category:Flag templates
  • line – bus line or route the incident occurred on, wiki-linked and piped for convenience if an article has been created for it (e.g. [[Metro Quickbus Line]])
  • operator – operator of the bus in the incident
  • owner - owner of bus in the incident
  • type – type of incident (e.g. Collision)
  • cause – cause of the incident if officially found/released (e.g. Excessive speed)

Statistics section

  • buses – number of buses involved in the incident
  • other - number of other vehicles involved in incident
  • pax – number of passengers on-board
  • peds - number of pedestrians involved
  • deaths – number of deaths due to the incident (usually passengers on the bus and driver)
  • injuries – number of injured due to the incident (usually passengers on the bus and driver)
  • damage – damage to vehicles caused by the incident
  • property – damage to property (other than vehicles) caused by the incident


Use, for example, {{coord|-27.3972|152.8956|display=title}} at the bottom of the page of the incident before categories (not in the Infobox) to provide the co-ordinates of where the incident occurred which, with display=title, will be displayed at the top of the article, above the Infobox.

Complete list

{{Infobox bus accident
|title = 
|boxwidth = 
|image = 
|image_width = 
|caption = 
|date = 
|time = 
|location = 
|location-dist =
|location-dist-mi =
|location-dir =
|location-city =
|country = 
|line = 
|operator = 
|owner = 
|type = 
|cause = 
|buses =
|other = 
|pax = 
|peds = 
|deaths = 
|injuries = 
|damage = 
|property =

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