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{{Marriage}} takes up to three unnamed parameters – plus either, both or neither of the named parameters |()= and |end= – to produce output such as the following:

Jane Doe (m. 18951905)
Fred Smith (m. 2010)
Jack Ripper (m. 1885; wid. 1888)
Frank Lee & Aynee Text (m. 2002–13)

The above were produced by:

{{marriage |[[John Doe|Jane Doe]] |1 January 1895 |December 31, 1905}}
{{marriage |Fred Smith |()=smaller |2010}}
{{marriage |Jack Ripper |1885 |July 27, 1888 |end=w.}}
{{marriage|()=small |Frank Lee & Aynee Text |2002 |2013}}

Syntax and parameters

{{marriage(|()= ) |[Text]  |[start date]  |[end date]  (|end= )}}

Parameter Description
() Set |()=small or |()=smaller to reduce the font-size used for the parenthesis. (See second and fourth examples above.)
Text Some text – usually a spouse's name – preceding the parenthesis carrying the marriage date/s, etc.
start date
end date
Only the year within each of these will be displayed. If either has more information (e.g., month, day), it is given via a tooltip, i.e., {{Abbr}}. (See first and third examples above.)
end Reason for marriage's end.
Set |end="div", "div." or "divorced" (without quotemarks) to include "div." within the parenthesis;
 or |end="w", "w.", "wid", "wid." or "widowed" (without quotemarks) to include "wid." (see third example above);
 or |end=[item] to use a customised text/tooltip/etc. For example:
{{marriage |Miss Doe |January 1, 1882 |December 31, 1905 |end={{abbr|d.|died}}}}
which produces: Miss Doe (m. 1882; d. 1905)



 "description": "insert description here",
 "params": {
   "1": {
     "label": "Spouse's name",
     "description": "Name of the person to whom the subject is married.",
     "type": "string",
     "default": "",
     "required": true,
     "aliases": [ "spouse" ]
   "2": {
     "label": "Date married",
     "description": "Date the marriage began.",
     "type": "string",
     "default": "",
     "required": true,
     "aliases": [ "date" ]
   "3": {
     "label": "Date ended",
     "description": "Date the marriage was dissolved or the spouse of the article's subject died.",
     "type": "string",
     "default": "",
     "required": false,
     "aliases": [ "end" ]