In 1986, Thompson Kumbirai Tsodzo had more plays published than any other contemporary Zimbabwean playwright. in 1984, the television production of his Babamunini Francis was criticized for it's portrayal of women.

Personal Details

Married in 1972. Three children, two girls — Rudo and Vimbai and one boy — Munyaradzi. .

School / Education

1971 - University of Rhodesia with a BA (General) in Languages.
Completed Graduate Certificate in Education. Then taught at Old Umtali Mission.
He read for a Doctor of Philosophy degree at Michigan State University.

Service / Career

His debut publication was Pafunge, published 1971. He wrote as Silas Murombomunhu in Moto magazine in the 1970s. He wrote the Rurimi Rwamai Shona textbooks, used in secondary school.

Josiah Tongogara had two bodyguards, Cdes Chamunorwa Zvipange and Stephen Musorowunobaya. You might know them as Oppah Muchinguri and Stephen Tsodzo respectively. Stephen was my brother and through him I got my early political orientation.

“I remember Rita Makarau left for military training just before she wrote her examinations and she had to complete her education by correspondence when she came back from the struggle.

Chris Mutsvangwa left just after writing his examinations and only collected his results after he came from the struggle. Nyasha Chikwinya was also my other student, she just left like that.”

Solomon Mutsvairo was also a student.

Another liberation war story. The bombing of the petrol tanks in the then Salisbury? Seven of the guys I drove them to the bombing. One of them, Silas Taika, is still alive and was once married to my wife’s sister. [1]


On Independence Eve, 17 April 1980, The Storm was first performed. It is about the war of liberation.

Further Reading

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14 JAN, 2018
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