Thorngrove Infectious Disease Hospital
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Thorngrove Isolation Hospital is a hospital that focuses on infectious disease treatment for residents of the Bulawayo Metropolitan Province. It is run by Bulawayo City Council. In 2020, the hospital's isolation had a carrying capacity of 30 to 40 beds.[1]

Location / Contacts

Address: Candellabra Street, Thorngrove, Bulawayo.
Telephone: + 263 9 61930
[2] [3]


Thorngrove was built in 1941 with a hospital bed capacity of 200. [4] The hospital mainly treats residents in Bulawayo and sometimes provides care for patients from the Southern Region of Zimbabwe.

Coronavirus Isolation Centre

Thorngrove Hospital was the designated isolation centre in Matabeleland for the isolation and treatment of patients during the Coronavirus outbreak that started in Zimbabwe in March 2020.


Four local organisations came to the rescue of Bulawayo's Thorngrove Infectious Diseases Hospital, which has been designated as a COVID-19 isolation centre, through donations of an assortment of goods to fight the global pandemic. Health workers at the isolation centre are also at a constant risk of contracting the dreaded disease as they are working without Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Bulawayo City Council Mayor Solomon Mguni thanked the organisations for their good gesture. "I am humbled to be able to receive donations this morning from four partners of the city of Bulawayo who are very concerned and have taken a step towards improving the city's ability to mitigate the various impacts likely to be caused by the coronavirus," said Mayor Mguni. "We are grateful to God. I commend you and ask you to continue to be disciplined and ensure that we practise social distancing and the washing of hands," he said. [5]


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