Trade Union

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A Trade Union is a non-profit membership-based organisation set up to advance and fight for the rights of workers.

The main functions of trade unions:

  • They negotiate agreements with employers on pay and conditions
  • They form part of collective bargaining at the employer level of even at sector level.
  • They help workers protest against unfair and ill-treatment by employers
  • They usually accompany workers to disciplinary and grievance meetings with employers
  • They help their members with legal advice
  • They voice out and contribute on issues concerning workers in the national policy (e.g. constitution, budgets, laws). This usually brings them into clash with political leaders in the government of the day.

List Of Trade Unions in Zimbabwe

  • Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ)
  • Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ)
  • Zimbabwe Banks and Allied Workers Union (ZIBAWU)
  • Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU)
  • Zimbabwean Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA)
  • Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA)
  • Railway Artisans Union
  • Food Federation and Allied Workers Union of Zimbabwe
  • National Energy Workers Union of Zimbabwe
  • Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economies Association
  • Zimbabwe Universities and Allied Workers Union
  • Transport and General Workers Union
  • Zimbabwe Footwear Tanners and Allied Workers Union
  • Railway Association of Yard Operating Staff]
  • Zimbabwe Railways Artisans Union
  • Zimbabwe Teachers Union
  • Energy Sector Workers Union of Zimbabwe
  • Trade Union for Music and Arts Industry
  • Railway Association of Enginemen
  • Trade Union for Music and Arts Industry
  • National Engineering Workers Union
  • Zimbabwe Catering And Hotel Workers Union
  • Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Trade Union
  • General Agriculture and Plantation Workers Union of Zimbabwe
  • National Union of the Clothing Industry
  • National Mine Workers Union of Zimbabwe
  • Ceramics and Associated Products Workers Union
  • National Union of the Metal and Allied Industries in Zimbabwe
  • Zimbabwe Pulp & Paper Workers' Union
  • Zimbabwe Domestic & Allied Workers Union (ZDAWU)
  • Zimbabwe Chemicals & Plastics Allied Workers' Union Zimbabwe Chemicals & Plastics Allied Workers' Union
  • Zimbabwe Textile Workers Union (ZTWU)
  • Zimbabwe Tobacco Industrial Workers’ Union (ZTIWU)
  • Zimbabwe Security Guards Union (ZISEGU)
  • Zimbabwe Furniture, Timber & Allied Trades Union (ZFTATU)
  • Zimbabwe Educational Scientific, Social & Cultural Workers’ Union (ZESSCWU)
  • Zimbabwe Union of Journalists Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ)
  • Zimbabwe Construction and Allied Trades Workers’ Union
  • Zimbabwe Urban Councils Workers’ Union (ZUCWU)
  • Zimbabwe Catering & Hotel Workers’ Union (ZCHWU)
  • Zimbabwe Amalgamated Railway Workers’ Union (ZARWU)

Prominent Trade Unionists in Zimbabwe


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