Univern Enterprises is a Zimbabwean-registered firm, which trades as Southern Region Trading Company (SRTC). The company supplies IT systems, as well as various goods and services in Zimbabwe. The company is a forerunner in Zimbabwe for the use of Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreements.

Univern Ownership

In 2016, the company’s directors are listed as Laurence Neil and Sherice Sher, who had been directors since inception in 1996, as well as Musekiwa Kumbula (since 2005). Company chief executive, Serge Levy, was appointed director in 2014. Although often reported, Levy is not related to the late Sam Levy.[1]

Kumbula has a strong business background and sits on various boards.

Supa Mandiwanzira is a shareholder (see Cartel Power Dynamics in Zimbabwe, p 20)


  • Univern was contracted by the Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) for the manufacture and supply of number plates introduced in March 2005. Univern manages a highly secure facility to ensure that each car that is registered in Zimbabwe is tied to a specific Vehicle Registration Number (VRN), thereby, legal entity. In doing so, the Vehicle Theft Squad have been able to easily track down missing or stolen vehicles. This has resulted in a massive reduction in vehicle thefts in Zimbabwe.
  • Univern won a 2012 tender to supply 40 motorised graders worth $8 million to the Zimbabwe National Roads Authority (Zinara). Due to the high demand for improved roads in rural areas, the rural councils pushed for Zinara to obtain an additional 40 graders through Univern for another $8 million. Local media scandalized this issue even thought the State Procurement Board signed off on the tender documents and Univern paid the SPB fees. THe misconception of these machines has been cleared up and verified by various sources.
  • In 2013 Univern/SRTC won a deal with Zinara to supply vehicle licencing software. The deal was won without going through tender since it was a PPP (Public Private Partnership) agreement. The cost of the software was not stated upfront because it enables the project scope to expand as is necessary. Initially ZINARA had 54 licensing sites, today there are over 500 licensing sites due to their partnership with Univern. The licensing system was developed in partnership between Zinara and Univern and it is designed in a way to ensure auditabilty, transparency, but mostly to improve citizen compliance. The partnership is set to last for 10 years according to the deal.

Univern is mentioned in Cartel Power Dynamics in Zimbabwe, p 20, as being awarded an 'overpriced' contract for tollgate collection software.

  • Univern is a partner of Zinara in the administration of 17 toll gates. Computerized toll gates have seen a drastic increase in revenue for Zinara, a reduction in loop holes and multiple paying options for toll fees. Univern manages the system at the toll gates.
  • In 2017, Univern supplied the Zimbabwe Republic Police with a electronic traffic management system. The agreement was once again on a PPP basis with the aim of increasing the Ease of doing Business as directed by the Office of the President and Cabinet. The introduced technology is aimed to reduce corruption, increase transparency and enable ZRP to have real time data of any infringements or reports as they aim to protect the citizens of Zimbabwe [2]
  • A 2019 inquiry by parliament’s Public Accounts Committee indicated that Univern received between 12 and 22 per cent of the revenue raised in each of the areas of ZINARA’s operations for which the company held a contract. (Musarurwa, T. 2019. “Lack of accountability breeds corruption in public entities.” Business Weekly, December 19)


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