Vumba Botanical Gardens

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Vumba Botanical Gardens is a park in the Vumba Mountains - 159ha, with 42ha of gardens and many kilometers of footpaths.

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The Vumba Botanical Garden and Reserve was bought from Government from Mr F.J. Taylor in 1957 and was proclaimed a National Park in 1958. Before that is was a farm known as Manchester. It was named Vumba Botanical Gardens in 1975.

The garden initially belonged to the Taylors. Mr Taylor was a Mutare Businessman and he bought Manchester farm initially as a weekend initiative. Mrs Taylor started developing it by growing flowers and clearing the bush and Mr Taylor built a small dam on the property.

Later on, the Taylors started entertaining friends at the Farm until tourists started pouring in. Upon Mrs Taylor's death, Mr Taylor maintained the garden for a while until, he realised that the task was beyond him and he, therefore, agreed to sell 201 ha of Manchester Park, the remnant of the original Manchester Farm, to the Government.

Of the 201 hectares, 42 hectares have been declared a Botanical Reserve and the other 159 hectares a Botanical Garden. because of and sold it to the government in 1957. could not maintain it opened Manchester Farm to weekend visitors.

An alternative tale -the farm, Manchester, was purchased by FJ Taylor in 1926. It was a weekend farm. His wife made a garden there. In 1940, he built a dam. She extended her garden around the dam. Shortly after, he retired. The garden became known as Manchester Park, was opened to the public, and became a tourist attraction. In 1954, Mrs Taylor died, but Mr Taylor kept up the garden until 1957, when he could no longer cope due to arthritis. He sold 201 ha of Manchester Park and the remainder of Manchester Farm to the government.
In 1960 Manchster Park was name changed to Vumba National Park, then in 1975 to Vumba Botanical Garden. (From Flyer produced by the Gardens.)

Activities To Do At Vumba Botanical Gardens

The well-wooded Park includes 159 hectares of landscaped gardens built around perennial streams which form a small lake. Sheltered walks between indigenous fern trees lead to displays of banked hydrangeas, proteas and azaleas, begonias, lilies, aloes, fuchsias, cycads and many other species.

Vistors can do any or all of these activities at Vumba Botanical Gardens:

  1. Camping
  2. Picknicking
  3. Site Seeing
  4. Walking and visiting Water Falls around the garden


  1. Tea Room
  2. Caravan Site
  3. Camp Site
  4. Lodges

Lodges And Hotels Around

  1. Leopard Rock Hotel
  2. Musangano Lodge
  3. Amber Hotel Mutare
  4. Inn On The Vumba
  5. Sunshine's Place


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