Wanisai "Mahwindo" Mutandwa
Wanisai "Mahwindo" Mutandwa
BornWanisai Tendai Mutandwa
(1976-11-18) November 18, 1976 (age 45)
Known forBeing a socialite
RelativesKenny Mubaiwa, Marry Chiwenga

Mahwindo born Wanisai Tendai Mutandwa is a Zimbabwean music promoter, philanthropist and socialite.


Former Dynamos chairman Kenny Mubaiwa who is her uncle which makes her and Marry Mubaiwa cousins. Mahwindo's mother is the last born in the Mubaiwa family.

Mahwindo grew up under the care of her grandmother in Seke communal areas. She is the firstborn in her family and she is diabetic.

She said the name Mahwindo came from Macheso who teased her about how big her eyes were. Revealing how the name came about Mahwindo said:

"We were at a show at Harare Gardens; I remember it was a Sunday in 2003 when Macheso teased me about my big eyes. He used to like what I do with my eyes whenever I got drunk and on the day his manager William Tsandukwa just teased me that my eyes were as huge as windows and the name stuck from then on."



Wanisai "Mahwindo" Mutandwa was born on November 18 1976.[1]


As of 6 April 2014, Wanisai Mutandwa has one child.[1]


Wanisai Mutandwa broke up with her first husband in 2001 and dated Alick Macheso’s vocalist for nine months before she dated a musical promoter for two years.

Mahwindo denied allegations that she dated Alick Macheso.[1]


In October 2016, Wanisai Mutandwa left Supa Mandiwanzira’s 6 Finger Records after one year to pursue her own dreams under her own trademark.[2]

Sound Blaze Promotions

Mahiwndo formed Sound Blaze Promotions with two other women partners. The company has hired their equipment stage to political parties including Zanu PF, churches, corporate and musicians among others.[3]


In 2019, Kinnah’s former manager, Wadis – real name Marshal Bima said he would take legal action against Mahwindo after he accused her of tarnishing his image on social media.

Mahwindo took to Facebook accusing Wadis of duping Kinnah of his money before dumping him at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport.

In another post, Mahwindo accused Wadis of stealing money from Kinnah which he used to open a car sale.

Asked about the car sale issue, Wadis laughed and said they were malicious allegations that needed to be proved in court.[4]

Mahwindo Foundation

Through her foundation, Mahwindo has donated to musicians, widows, the elderly and football clubs. In May 2020, Mahwindo donated to 100 musicians.[5]

She also donated roller meal, sugar, cooking oil and beans to CAPS United players in May 2020. Mahwindo was supported by other partners such as Pan Jap Motors chief executive, Bryton Ushendibaba, Danya Kalembwe and CAPS United fan George Manyaya.[6]


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