The War Victims Compensation Fund Scandal involved politician who hijacked the fund which was meant to compensate war veterans who were injured during the Liberation Struggle.

The Scandal

Set up in 1994 by the government with the intention of compensating those who were injured during the country’s bitter and protracted 1970s liberation war, the War Victims Compensation Fund was hijacked by political elites, who exaggerated their injuries so as to inflate claims from the fund. Disability percentages varied from 20 to 100 percent for able-bodied political bigwigs, who pocketed handsome amounts of cash in yet another scandal that hardly benefitted the intended beneficiaries. The then leader of the war veterans association, Chenjerai Hunzvi, was at the centre of the corruption. Despite the vast amounts of money that the State lost as confirmed by a commission of inquiry, led by Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku, no one was ever prosecuted.[1] Crime


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