Watershed College

Watershed College aka ‘Shed’ is an elite private school which is situated near Marondera. It was opened on 26 January 1987. Since its establishment, the school has evolved over the years and it has also been registering success in both the academic field as well as the cultural and or arts field. It enrolls less than 500 pupils and Mrs A. Charidza is the current headmistress of the school.

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Watershed College


After the country attained independence in 1980 the government was keen to increase the number of schools and Watershed College was founded in line with the government's policy.

Mr George Van Niekerk donated his farm for the construction of the school.[1] Van Niekerk together with other Europeans who owned farms near Marondera formed a front with the sole purpose of seeing to it that the college would be constructed. They managed to purchase Peddie Farm which was the nearest farm next to Van Nierkerk's one enlarging the area on which the college was to be constructed.[1]

On Tuesday 26 January 1987, the college was opened with 89 students and 10 teachers.[1] The second Tuesday of the school's first term has since been dubbed as the Founder's Day and is commemorated each year.

The college was devoid of proper classrooms and a kitchen since it was registered as a boarding school. The meals of the enrolled pupils were mostly braais and they slept in tobacco bans in neighbouring farms.[1] In the wake of this somewhat 'disaster', the 'founders' of the college formed the Watershed Parent's Association with the aim of sharing ideas on how to raise funds.[1] The association organised concerts, dinner events and this generated revenue. Sponsors began to pour in resulting in the construction of proper infrastructure at the college which has since been subject to renovations.


Academic Section

Watershed Girls School

It is divided into 9 departments with 44 teachers.[2] In Form One, pupils set off with seventeen subjects and teachers will access each pupil's area of speciality ranging from science subjects to commercials and arts.[1] All pupils sit for the Cambridge GCSE examinations.

Sports Section

Each pupil is mandated to be a member of any sporting activity though a pupil can choose as many sports as he/she likes. Some of the sports offered include football, volleyball, rugby, hockey, swimming, netball, tennis, basketball, squash, judo etc.

Culture Section

This department encompasses all the clubs at the college. The most competent club is the Music Club which has been participating at the National Institute of Allied Arts (musical festivals). In June 2014, the group was in Brazil for the International Music Festivals and it competed with Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Italy and Spain representing Africa.[3] One of the group's member, Kudzai Mucheri was honoured for being one of the selected top soloists during the event.[3]

The Marimba Band (part of the Musical Group) also participated at the International Marimba Festival which were held in South Africa in 2013.[4] The band was outstanding and it was crowned the champions of Africa and was selected to represent the continent in Brazil in 2014. During the competition, 5 members of the band were also honoured as they were selected amongst the top 16 best soloists.[5]


  1. In 1990, the college enrolled its first students for the Agriculture Diploma Course ( a 2 year training course)
  2. In September 1990, the college purchased Zvipadze Farm. In 1995, tobacco began to be grown on the farm and the proceeds were injected into the college's coffers
  3. In 1998, there was the introduction of secretarial course on the college and the college enrolled its first 10 students
  4. In 2009, the French DELF Examinations were introduced.[1]


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