Webster Gonzo is a Zimbabwean actor who played David in the film More Time (film), was a Prince Edward School student who was naturally blessed with intelligence and good looks. Though academically his ambition is to be a lawyer, he has always dreamed of becoming a movie star. As a child he desperately wanted to be one of the kids he saw on the videos brought by his cousins from the US.


Webster had little acting experience. He remembered during primary days he once played a leading role in the school play I Will Wait. Another opportunity came up in secondary school to play the leading role in the play The Lion and the Jewel. Unfortunately his co-actor and friend died, after which the production was canceled. Webster never thought of acting again... until he found himself rehearsing for More Time.

Webster saw himself as an adolescent having similar feelings and facing some of the same situations that David did in the movie. He felt it was a good movie to start out his acting career since he could feel what David was going through. Practically, it was also a learning experience in having to juggle his schoolwork and his acting work; he had to budget his time to understand his character David.

More Time roused his hopes and dreams once again. He believed he now had what it takes to be the movie star he has always dreamed about.