Willom Tight
Willom Tight
Born (1971-03-15) March 15, 1971 (age 51)
Tafara, Harare
  • Musician.
Years active1992 - Present
ChildrenGary Tight

Willom Tight (born Willbroad Muponda) is a Zimbabwean Afro Jazz musician. Tight was popular in the 2000s mostly with the album Ndinoda Wangu. The title track became an instant hit on local stations. In the years to follow, Tight teamed up with another talented singer Dino Mudondo. The two went on to release a string of hits such as 'Bhazi', 'Makoikoi' and 'Chirangano'. in 2013, he decided to go international releasing his fifth album 'Manifesto' which features South African stars Uhuru, Speedy (Bongo Muffin) and Malian legend Salif Keita.


He was born on 15 March 1971 in Harare's Tafara suburb. He is the 5th born in a family of 7. His son Gary Tight is also a musician having founded the band Zion Originated. According to Willom, Gary started singing at the age of three.[1]

Music career

Tight began learning to beat the drum at a tender age. His family would occasionally hold traditional ceremonies where he would learn. At school, he joined the Tafara Primary School's traditional dance group. He later joined the senior choir as well as the drama club. His professional career however started in 1992 when he became part of the band, Bisas Combination. Tigth would play with the band for two years after which he moved to Nexus Talent Agents between 1995 and 1996.[2] The following year he became a founding member of the group, Mateo and Friends. The group produced some of the best solo artists such as Matthew Kaunda and Patience Musa. The group went on to produce the album 'Asambe Africa'[3] The title track in particular made waves and the video became a prominent feature on the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation national television. The group did not last long prompting Tight to form another outfit The Tight Family in 2000 and recorded his first solo album 'Ndinoda Wangu'. He went on to team with Mudondo (2003-2006) after which he then released three more solo albums which were all unsuccessful. He only made a comeback in 2013 with the album Manifesto.

The Comeback

In 2013 Tight signed a contract with Shamiso Music and Entertainment in Johannesburg upon which he recorded the album 'Manifesto'. The 15 track album features some of Africa's best musicians. One of the songs, African Paradox, was chosen as the soundtrack for an Australian movie.[4] The song features legend Salif Keita. In a bid to appeal to a wider audience, Tight engaged South African house group, Uhuru, to produce three of the songs on his album.[5]


  • Ndinoda Wangu (2000)
  • Hodzeko (2003)
  • Kuza Ngoma (2008)
  • Chinyerere (2011)


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