Yemurai Maravanyika
Yemurai Maravanyika, Elton Mangoma, Believe Tevera
Yemurai Maravanyika
ResidenceGlen View, Harare
Political partyMDC Renewal Team
Partner(s)Believe Tevera

Yemurai Maravanyika is a Zimbabwean woman who became prominent in the local media following allegations that she had left her husband Believe Tevera for Elton Mangoma, who is MDC Renewal Team member and former Energy Minister. She is also a member of the MDC Renewal Team.


Yemurai Maravanyika was born on 21 August 1994 in Harare. She has attended various learning institutions including All Souls High School, Trust Academy and Versatile Academy. She was married to Believe Tevera and the two have a son together. She is employed by Africa Gaming, a local betting house.[1]

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Personal life

News of an alleged affair broke out in late May 2015, that would state that she was involved with MDC Renewal Team treasurer general Elton Mangoma.[2] It was said that Yemurai left the matrimonial home leaving behind their one-year-old baby with Tevera. The affair came to light when WhatsApp messages were leaked to the media. After the incidence, Tevera is said to have been assaulted by Mangoma's supporters for humiliating their leader for making the issue public.[2]

Yemurai would later speak out and say that as an adult she is free to do as she pleases, while denying any non-professional relationship with Mangoma.[3] Mangoma would also add that it was certain members of the party that we out to smear his name, while some members blamed Tendai Biti from trying to derail Mangoma's political aspirations.


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