Zimbabwe Council of Churches

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Zimbabwe Council of Churches
Zimbabwe Council of Churches logo.jpg
Key peopleKenneth Mtata
Area servedZimbabwe
Mission"facilitate the empowerment and renewal of our member churches so that they have a sustainable transforming Christian presence in Zimbabwe."

Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) is a Christian organization in Zimbabwe who mission is to "empower churches for the renewal of society. It's members consisted of registered churches which "confess the triune God". ZCC was founded in 1964 and is a member of the World Council of Churches and the Fellowship of Christian Councils in Southern Africa.


  • Founded in 1964 from the Rhodesia Missionary Conference and then the Rhodesia Christian council
  • Made up of the 26 Christian denominations and 10 para-church organizations
  • Founded on the shared theological understanding that God the father who created and sustains all creation, continues to save and redeem it through his Son Jesus Christ and empowers God’s people, the church, to reflect and act together for the realisation of God’s just, peaceful and abundantly providing kingdom through the power of the Holy Spirit.



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