The Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA) has been the country's most popular music ceremony which honours outstanding musicians who specialise in different genres. The ceremony was founded by Joseph Nyadzayo who also acted as the chairman.

The ceremony was inaugurated in 2003 in Harare with the need to promote local musicians in their pursuit of musical excellence and creativity.[1]


The inaugural edition of the Zimbabwe Music Awards was held in 2003 in Harare. It was founded with the support of local recording companies and music promoters of different orientations.[2]

The main rationale towards the launch of the awards was to celebrates Zimbabwe's cultural diversity through music. It was a generally accepted phenomenon that Zimbabwe has reach cultural diversity which translates into musical diversity.[3]

There were a number of categories which were considered for the awards. These include Sungura, Urban Grooves, Hip-Hop, Local Reggae, Gospel, Kwaito and R & B. Alick Macheso, Tongai Moyo, Oliver Mtukudzi, Jeys Marabini and many other celebrity musicians are past ZIMA award winners.[2]

Seven Year Break and Return

The awards took a break from 2007 due to economic challenges and lack of funding from the corporate world. There were hopes and anticipation that the awards would finally return to the scene by October 2014.[4] In fact, the official come back of ZIMA welcome event was hosted at Joina City in Harare in May 2014 and the organisers promised a glamourous return.[4]


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