The Zimbabwe Pistol and Smallbore Association (ZPSA) was formed on 28 November 1065, to promote and organise all forms of smallbore rifle and sport pistol shooting in Zimbabwe, and to sponsor the entry of Zimbabwean teams and competitors in international matches. In addition, it seeks to maintain a high standard of safety, decorum, ethics and behaviour among members of this Association. It falls under the ZSSF.

Contact Details

Chairman - Troy Prinsloo ,;
Secreatary - Michael Laban,
Treasurer - Chris Pakenham
Colours officer - Clarry Viljoen
Dave Westerhout
Ken Worsley
Rob Richardson.

Organisation / Structure

The ZPSA includes six disciplines (2020):

  • Applied Rifle – heavy, full bore rifle shooting.
  • Bench Rest – Precision, rested, firearm shooting.
  • Black Powder – Flintlock, cap lock, and other muzzle loaders - long arms and handguns, and other black powder (pre-smokeless powder) breach loaders and revolvers.
  • Defensive – A non-competitive (emphasis on safe use and home protection) handgun discipline.
  • Silhouette – Metallic silhouette / falling plate shooting with handguns and small bore to full bore rifles.
  • Practical Pistol – Competitive handgun shooting.

The ZPSA includes three clubs (2020):

The ZPSA leases 10 ha of land from the City of Harare since the early 1970s, on which was built the Harare Shooting Sport Complex (HSSC), by an intial five user clubs - Cleveland Pistol Club, Marlborough Practical Pistol Club, Range Builders, 1/5 RR and another. Only CPC remains.