Zinjanja Monument

Zinjanja Monument formerly known as Regina Ruins have only recently been cleared and opened to the public. It is believed that there the chief levied tributes of grain from his people. This grain — probably millet — was poured through stone-lined holes into chambers below. Some of these holes may still be seen intact; others were broken down by treasure-seekers many years ago.

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Why Visit

A smaller version of the Danan’ombe Monument and Naletale, but also part of the Torwa State which succeeded Great Zimbabwe in the late fifteenth Century. Zinjanja is further off the beaten track and has not been restored. Much of the dry-stone walling has collapsed over time and some of the terracing, the entrance and the grain bins need restoring. Lived in and built for Torwa Rulers; their wealth in cattle attracted the envy of the Rozvi who overthrew them before 1693 and were in their turn overthrown during the Mfecane of the 1830’s during the Nguni invasions.

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