Zion Christian Church

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Zion Christian Church
Zion Christian Church
The Zion Church
Founder(s)Samuel Mutendi
Past bishop(s)Nehemiah Mutendi
Architectural typeRoman
Construction costUSD $ 2 Million
Capacity15 000
Bishop(s)Nehemiah Mutendi
Music group(s)

The Zion Christian Church is one of the oldest African independent churches in Zimbabwe. The church is headquartered in the Defe area of Bikita in the Masvingo Province of Zimbabwe and boasts has several churches abroad. In the recent years, the church grew and extended its boundaries o countries such as South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, Malawi, DRC, the UK, USA and Australia.[1]


The church was formed after Samuel Mutendi led the expansion of the church from its founding country in South Africa, to the then Rhodesia.

Mutendi is said to have started having dreams and visions whilst he was still a young man. Whilst he was working as a migrant labourer in South Africa, Mutendi became a member of the Zion Apostolic Faith Mission led by Edward Lion and Enginase Lekganyane. He was baptized in 1923 in the Zionist Jordan by Enginase Lekhanyane a member of the ZAFM. In 1925, he was part of a breakaway group led by Lekganyane who went to form Zion Christian Church.[2]

He then came back to Rhodesia to pursue his religious career in the ZCC. His first sermon was at Gumunyu where a number of people were possessed by the Holy Spirit and some became scared and ran away. He was ordained minister in 1925 as the Rhodesian Representative of the church. However, restricting measures on mobility by the Rhodesian government in the late 1940s made it difficult for the local Zion Church under Mutendi to report directly to South Africa. The church effectively became independent.

Two of Mutendi's sons, Nehemiah and Ruben, had ambitions to leader ZCC following his death in 1976 and an internal power struggle ensued. Nehemiah Mutendi was eventually appointed as the new Bishop in 1977. Ruben Mutendi (1934-2010) split from the ZCC with a small following.


After the death of Samuel Mutendi in 1978, his son Nehemiah Mutendi was consecrated as the Bishop of the church.[1]


The church has its foundations in the Word of God through the biblical law. It also believes in the life of Jesus Christ.[1]


Z.C.C. has built more 11 schools in Zimbabwe. To date the schools have produced over 5000 graduates.[1]

Developmental Projects

Between 2006 and 2011, the church embarked on a massive project to build their headquarters in Masvingo. In 2013, the church celebrated its centenary anniversary.[1] The church has a capacity of 15 000 and was commissioned by President Robert Mugabe. The leader of the Church Rev Mutendi was awarded an honorary PhD by the University of Zimbabwe due to the church's promotion of education in the country.


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