Zoey Sifelani
Noleen "Zoey" Sifelani
Noleen "Zoey" Sifelani
BornNoleen Sifelani
  • Dancer
  • Entertainer
Known forDancing

Popularly known as Zoey, Noleen Sifelani is a popular pole dancer, strip dancer who seems to have gained widespread popularity among those that patronise local night clubs. Zoey performs her dance routines alongside a group known as Red Angels.


Born Noleen Sifelani in 1986, she has over recent years become the talk of town especially from her male clients.

Allegations of Immorality

Due to the nature of "Zoey" she has been the recipient of widespread criticism from many sections of society ranging from religious figures to traditionalists. Much of the critics of Zoey have presented moral arguments arguing that the activities of Zoey and others like Beverly Sibanda represent the height of moral decadence in society claiming that the police and other relevant authorities should step in and curb such lawlessness. Notwithstanding the moral argument that has been provided by certain sections of the society, the adult entertainer has been known for leaving her clients asking for more


Zoey has been in the news for various scandals varying from being undressed by a patron live on stage to having one of her dancers being arrested by the police for apparently undressing during a performance causing comotion from patrons who stormed the stage to catch a glimpse of the dancer in her birthday suit.[1] Lorraine Msipa who happens to be Zoey's protege is said to have gone berserk and took off her clothes which prompted the police to intervene and arrest Noleen.[1] The young dancer was given a three month suspension which the judge went on to suspend on the condition of good behaviour. Apart from her dancer undressing herself on stage, Zoey was also undressed by a male patron on stage. It was reported that Zoey invited the patron intending to perform a strip tease routine after which she started to undress the invited patron. The male patron went on to undress Zoey as well leaving the scantily dressed Zoey naked.[2]

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Business Ventures

In line with her trade, Zoey managed to open up a dancing academy which was said to be meant for teaching women some moves which would help keep things going in their marriages. The launch of the Zoey Academy on 1 April 2013 in Avondale was said to have ushered a new era in which women who were inactive in bed could finally learn how to improve their act.[3] For her services she was said to be charging about US$10 per lesson or per hour. The lessons would be done in threee sessions and eventually adding up to twenty lessons in total.[3] Zoey's business venture has also been described as a modern day version of "chinamwali", a ritual meant to initiate young girls into womanhood and popularly practiced among the Chewa people. From its inception, the academy was said to have seen large numbers of women flocking there to attend the lessons being offered.

Beef with Bev

Being rivals in the adult entertainment industry, it has often been reported that there is bad blood between Zoey and Bev. both entertainers claim that the other is on a mission to destroy the other. When Bev made a return to her trade after a brief absence following her alleged conversion by Walter Magaya, Zoey was quoted saying that the return of Bev did not pose a threat to her business since she had made significant strides while Bev had taken a break from dancing after her "conversion" by Walter Magaya.[4] On the other hand Bev has also made public comments arguing that she was way better than Zoey and that she did not consider her a rival.

Zoey Sifelani Videos

Zoey making her moves

Performing in Mufakose


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