Minister argues that Government does not neglect Matebeleland

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Minister argues that Government does not neglect Matebeleland

War Veterans minister, Tshinga Dube, has insisted that government resources are deployed equitable among the country’s ten provinces, contrary to the long-held view that Matebeleland region is deliberately marginalised.

Addressing journalists at the Bulawayo Press Club last Friday, Dube said,

If you ask the nature of marginalisation, those people who allege Matebeleland marginalisation can’t say anything except to stammer. I tell you there is no government policy which allows other provinces to get more resources than others.

Dube, who is also the Zanu PF legislator for Makokoba, said people who are allege unfair distribution of the country’s resources are confusing marginalisation with corruption,

Of course there are individuals who always abuse the system. If for example, the minister of transport hails from Nkayi, it is obvious that he or she will have a bias towards his or her area but you can’t call that marginalisation.

The Zanu PF-led government has been accused of neglecting Matabeleland region with critics citing incomplete State-initiated projects such as universities, relocation of industries and inadequacy of social services, among other issues as marginalisation.




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