Zec says register anew or risk not voting in 2018 as commission drafts biometric voters' roll

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Zec says register anew or risk not voting in 2018 as commission drafts biometric voters' roll

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is crafting a new voters’ roll to replace the existing one, and elegible voters who fail to register in the exercise to be conducted by the commission next year, will not be eligible to vote in the 2018 harmonised elections, the commission’s chairperson Justice Rita Makarau has said. The commission said it would draft a new biometric voters’ roll for 2018, which would be polling station based.

Makarau said,

We are going to come up with a new voters’ roll for 2018. The voters’ roll that we are going to use in 2018 will not make any reference to what happened in 2013. Tell all your (political party) members that once ZEC calls for voter registration, we have got to turn up all three million members of our parties. All of them have to turn up for voter registration otherwise they will not be able to vote for our next President, or for you as an MP, or for you as a councillor. The reason why is because the old voters’ roll did not capture our biometrics. This new voters’ roll captures our biometrics and is going to be very different to the old voters’ roll. If you registered for 2013, but don’t register for 2018, your picture will not be able to appear on the voters’ roll, and your name will actually not be on the voters’ roll, which is going to be polling station specific.

She added that they are likely to start the process next year in May 2018,

According to our predictions now, we are hoping that the procurement will be done by March and April (next year) and thereafter, we should be able to start the voter registration (in) May and June up to the end of 2017 hopefully — have a voters’ roll by then. Those are our projections.

After registration using this new technology, a confirmation receipt would be issued by ZEC officials. What this effectively means is that for purposes of voting, names of voters would only appear on a particular polling station.

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