Kasukuwere blames Norton violence on Mliswa

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Kasukuwere blames Norton violence on Mliswa

Zanu PF national political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere, told the rally that Mliswa had triggered the Saturday violence, which left five of his supporters arrested.

He said,

Mliswa is a problem child, he is a nobody, and he is a trouble causer. In Norton, you have never tasted a teargas attack until Mliswa came in. This place is largely known for peace, but now, because of Mliswa, there is violence. It is very unfortunate. We must not allow that small bull to win here, he is a lone bull without a kraal, and how can you vote for such a man?

Temba Mliswa yesterday accused police of taking sides with Zanu PF and blocking his campaign rally in defiance of a High Court order he was armed with. Mliswa said,

The issue is that Zanu PF is running scared and they fear being outnumbered. Our rally had more than 3 000 people and they were less than 200. They should stop abusing the police and State institutions.

The Norton by-election is slated for Friday.

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