[FULL] Transform Zimbabwe Statement New Year Message

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[FULL] Transform Zimbabwe Statement New Year Message


Fellow Zimbabweans, on behalf of Transform Zimbabwe and all our leadership I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a prosperous 2017.

We should be truly grateful having made it through 2016 which was a difficult year and while 2017 may shape up to be difficult for most Zimbabweans, we must remain hopeful and work hard to ensure that brighter days are ahead of us.

As we are all aware ZANU PF leadership has continued to make life increasingly difficult for us and the introduction of bond notes has not helped the suffering of our nation. The future looks murky and our Nation is filled with uncertainty. We however urge all citizens to remain hopeful and resilient as we must now work together for change and fight peacefully for the future of our Nation.

Politically, we begin the process of preparing for another election year. As we prepare for the 2018 elections we know the ZANU PF regime will step up its violence against opponents. ZANU PF will try to intimidate you and force you to vote for them in the 2018 election. We must remain resilient and condemn ALL politicians who encourage and perpetuate violence to advance their agenda as they are not worthy of our vote.

The ZANU PF regime will work very hard to maintain the status quo through the state capture of institutions, violence, propaganda, confusion and by using state defense forces as a form of intimidation as they have always done in the past but we must remain vigilant and resilient.

As citizens, our spirit of Resilience has kept us going through the last 36 years of ZANU PF misrule and it is that spirit of resilience that we must now dig deep and hold on to as we fight for future generations to come by ensuring 2018 is the year ZANU PF’s reign of terror ends.

ZANU PF is an organization that has far-reaching network of violence and hatred. ZANUPF leadership has badly weakened our economy mainly due to the greed and irresponsibility of its leadership. We must now fight peacefully for our country as one nation against (ZANU PF) and make tough choices to move our nation forward.

Transform Zimbabwe and our leadership have reflected deeply and we have collectively decided we must fight together with like minded individuals and organizations to restore hope and confidence in the Zimbabwean people that a new dawn is coming to Zimbabwe. We must remember that no matter who we are black or white, Shona or Ndebele, Civilian or Defense forces we have all been abused and used against each other by ZANU PF and with this in mind it is time we all collectively stand up together with ONE VOICE, AS ONE NATION, saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to ZANU PF.

As a political party we are more convinced now more than ever that as a nation we must ALL pursue a selfless path that will lead us to a better life for ALL Zimbabweans. As politicians, we will need to come up with the necessary compromises which will get our nation and people to a better life.

As part of our New Year resolutions, we as a party have identified FIVE key areas we are going to focus on, so as to transform our party as we prepare to lay our party in Transforming the Nation

First, as a party, we have been working with Zimbabwean citizens who share our values and dreams of a NEW DEMOCRATIC Zimbabwe and with that in mind Transform Zimbabwe has been revamping to ensure our mission, vision, values and policies are reflected and easily accessible to the Citizens.

The Transform Zimbabwe Team will be working hard to ensure there is sufficient support for our community programmes and mobilization. Transform Zimbabwe has been working hard to map out and pursue a clear and agreed upon strategy to prepare the party for elections in 2018. Transform Zimbabwe will ensure Citizens’ movements and qualified citizens are incorporated into the party.

Transform Zimbabwe will pursue a very aggressive voter education and voter assistance programme and ensure efforts are coordinated with all stakeholders and partners (partners include- all Zimbabwean Citizens and other opposition political parties). Transform Zimbabwe efforts will culminate in our inaugural congress to elect competent leaders to prepare the party for 2018.

Second, we have agreed on the need to work with like minded players to bring change and transformation to the nation. We have therefore agreed and have started discussions with the MDC- T to form an electoral alliance to contest the 2018 elections as we recognize we are stronger together. When these discussions are finished, an announcement will be made.

Third, we resolved to continue fighting for electoral reforms till the 2018 elections. We will participate in all NERA initiatives and activities to fight for electoral reforms and we will continue in 2017 to mobilize our membership and supporters to participate in these events.

Our fourth resolution is to continue fight for a better life for our people. We resolved to continue fighting all injustice against the poor, vulnerable and indeed ordinary Zimbabweans. Zimbabweans have suffered for too long and we will, under our hashtag, pulling together, continue to invite likeminded entities to work with us on that.

We continue to call on President Mugabe to resign and for ZANU PF to relinquish power in order to ensure that the nation is accorded a chance to refocus its direction.

Lastly, our fifth resolution for the year is to ensure that TZ continues to provide leadership to the nation by continuing to build transformed leaders in its membership and all leadership structures. We will vigorously pursue leadership seminars to continue inculcating leadership values in our members. TZ will continue working closely with PNZ to develop leadership that is principled and that follows a strong sense of values which are ethical and are empathetic to human needs.

This is the year of our transformation. We urge the nation to be strong and of a good courage to confront the Zanu Pf regime.
Together we will overcome

God bless you all and
God bless our beloved Zimbabwe

Jacob Ngarivhume
President, Transform Zimbabwe



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