Zanu-PF does not have a right to monitor who I marry, people take other men's wives all the time: Mafios

6 years agoMon, 24 Apr 2017 00:09:13 GMT
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Zanu-PF does not have a right to monitor who I marry, people take other men's wives all the time: Mafios

Zanu-PF Mashonaland Central chairperson Dickson Mafios has said that people should stop being petty as men take other men’s wives all the time. Mafios has been under attack together with his brother Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere.  All 10 Zanu-PF provinces in the country have endorsed the petition calling for the removal of Mafios and his brother Kasukuwere for allegedly setting up parallel structures to topple President Mugabe.  Some sections of the media had suggested that Mafios was not fit to be a leader as he had snatched a pastor’s wife using his political muscle.

In an interview with the weekly newspaper, The Standard, Mafios said this issue was a personal one and had nothing to do with Zanu-PF. He also said that it was an everyday occurrence across the country and was not worth writing about. Said Mafios:

What has that got to do with Zanu PF? How many people in this country have taken other men’s wives? People are just being petty for nothing.
If the parties concerned are bitter or have anything against me, they are free to go to the courts and we shall discuss everything there. Why take personal issues to Zanu PF?
Did Zanu PF give me a wife that it has a right to monitor who I marry and who I should not marry? Some of your guys are busy sleeping with other people’s wives in lodges and you want to pretend to be holy.

As for me, they are attacking me because she is my wife. Please come on. Even you journalists, you are busy fornicating there with married women and you are busy attacking me for having my wife.

It is embarrassing and goes on to show that this is just hatred and nothing to do with Zanu PF. If I may ask, how many men marry ex-wives of some people and it becomes a crime when Mafios does that? What a shame!

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