Zim dollar will never come back: Tendai Biti

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Zim dollar will never come back: Tendai Biti

Former minister of finance Tendai Biti has claimed that Zimbabwe dollar is not going to come back saying that no country has managed to demonetize the United States dollar. In an interview with Violet Gonda, Biti said:

What Zimbabweans want is a stable economy, and before we can even think of returning the Zimbabwean dollar, let’s produce, let’s export, let’s build foreign currency reserves of over US$5 Billion. And, to me, the Zimbabwean dollar is gone, it will never come back. There is no country in the world which has dollarized and which has managed to demonetise (the US dollar) because it’s confidence. The Zimbabwean dollar was caught in flagrante (in the act) by the people of Zimbabwe and you and I know what happens when someone is caught in flagrante – trust is gone and a divorce has to happen.

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