Mugabe attacks Mandela again

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Mugabe attacks Mandela again

President Robert Mugabe criticised the late South African President for not freeing black people in South Africa and said that he was concerned with his freedom from jail where he had sent 27 years.

Mugabe also hinted that Mandela was a dictator stating that he negotiated with the Apartheid government on his own. Said Mugabe:

When I asked someone in Zuma’s (SA President Jacob Zuma) administration why the whites still have so much power . .  he said “I ask your friend Mandela” as if Mandela was still alive . . . apparently Mandela negotiated with the whites by himself. Chaive chikuru kwaari yaive freedom yekubuda mujeri achikanganwa kuti zvikuru ndeizvo zvaakaendeserwa kujeri (Apparently Mandela viewed his release from jail as more important but forgetting about how he had been jailed in the first place).

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