Mugabe has usurped the Constitution and created a "super class"

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Mugabe has usurped the Constitution and created a "super class"


2018 presidential candidate Dr Nkosana Moyo has accused President Robert Mugabe of usurping the country’s Constitution and creating a a “super class” of individuals. However, Moyo warned that people have had enough and will soon find means of confronting Mugabe. Said Moyo


The economic circumstances in the country dictate that Zimbabweans are unhappy because they are living under very difficult conditions, except for a few thousand people connected to the top. People carrying a Zanu PF card will vote against that party because they are not an exception.

I have not been threatened directly, but that is not to say I am safe or I feel safe. The situation in the country is such that citizens do not feel safe and I am not an exception. Those in power have created a class of people, who are above the law. There is nothing that they do according to the law.

To them, the Constitution is for a class of sub-humans, while they operate at some level above the law.

It is a reality that our people are afraid and have been intimidated. It is sad that a black government resorts to methods used by Rhodesians and the boers in South Africa, but failed. Time will come when our people will say enough is enough and we believe the time is now.

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