Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission needs a reshuffle: Chinotimba

5 years ago
Tue, 10 Oct 2017 19:24:36 GMT
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Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission needs a reshuffle: Chinotimba

Buhera South MP, Joseph Chinotimba has said that the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission needs a reshuffle. He said that the anti-graft body is a toothless bulldog and also lamented the fact that ZACC members are being intimidated.

Chinotimba was debating President Robert Mugabe’s Parliament speech. Chinotimba also said that they he did not go to war for corruption to persist but for Zimbabweans to enjoy freedom. Said Chinotimba:

The President talked about reshuffling. Reshuffling should be extended to the Commissions, especially the Anti-Corruption Commission. Mr. Speaker, when you hear me speaking in this manner it is because I am deeply concerned about my nation. Honestly Mr. Speaker, the corruption we are talking about here, there is so much money in this country, but people cannot access their cash to go and buy a child a banana. A woman cannot buy her child a banana in the street. It is not that this country does not have money.

Chinotimba also suggested that members of Parliament should form an Anti-Corruption Commission with three members from the opposition and three from the ruling party.

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