UPDATED: Zanu-PF Youth League calls for Mnangagwa's ouster, recommends Grace Mugabe as replacement

5 years ago
Mon, 06 Nov 2017 11:31:44 GMT
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UPDATED: Zanu-PF Youth League calls for Mnangagwa's ouster, recommends Grace Mugabe as replacement

Zanu-PF Youth League held a press conference today and has called for Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to be sacked and replaced by Grace Mugabe. The Press Statement signed by Zanu-PF Secretary for Youth Kudzai Chipanga states that Grace possesses the qualities to replace Mnangagwa. The Youth League says she has unquestionable loyalty to the Party and its principal the Mugabe and has no ambitions to work against him.

The Youth League apologised to President Robert Mugabe and his wife, for an incident where Grace Mugabe was booed while giving a speech at the Bulawayo Interface Rally on Saturday. Part of the statement reads:

We the youth of Zimbabwe wish apologise unconditionally to the Head of State an Government, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe an Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and First Secretary of ZANU PF, His Excellency the President Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe and the Mother of the Nation, Secretary for Women’s Affairs, Her Excellency the First Lady Amai Dr Grace Mugabe for the disruptions during the Youth Interface RalIy in Bulawayo. We wish to distance ourselves from such conduct and condemn it in the strongest possible terms.

The Youth League sticks to Grace Mugabe’s narrative that the people who booed her were bused to the event. Part of the statement reads:

Whilst this conduct was perpetrated by a tiny minority bused by enemies of our struggle to disrupt and distract the main agenda, we wish to sincerely and humbly apologise as this was done at our event as the Youth League.

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They also support Grace’s call for Mnangagwa to be fired and endorse Mugabe’s call for him and his supporters to leave Zanu-PF and form their own political party. Part of the statement reads:

As the President clearly spelt out on Saturday, these clowns masquerading as genuine party members, whilst promoting the hostile agenda of the Party’s Co-Vice President Cde E.D Mnangagwa are free to take their circus to the political zoo by forming their own party. For any avoidance of doubt, the ZANU PF Youth League is fully behind the Secretary for Women’s Affairs Amai Dr. Grace Mugabe in calling for the urgent removal of Cde Mnangagwa from the position of the Vice President both in the Party and Government.

The Youth League argues that the only person that has the qualities to replace Mnangagwa is Grace. The Press Statement reads:

It has to be one who is acceptable and with unquestionable loyalty to the Party and its principal the ,President Cde R. G Mugabe and more importantly one without ambitions to work against the President. The only person possessing such qualities is the leader of the Women’s League none other than Her Excellency the First Lady of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Amai Dr. Grace Mugabe.

Read the Full Press Statement Here



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