Video: Mnangagwa has 48 hours to return back into power says Acie Lumumba

5 years ago
Tue, 07 Nov 2017 21:13:27 GMT
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Video: Mnangagwa has 48 hours to return back into power says Acie Lumumba

Acie Lumumba has said that former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has 48 hours. He also took time to talk about MDC Alliance leader Morgan Tsvangirai. Below are the main points in Lumumba’s video presentation:

  • The composition of MDC Alliance is wrong. They should consider gender equality
  • It is not logical for Tsvangirai to lead MDC Alliance since he is terminally ill.
  • Tsvangirai has to leave the reigns to Chamisa. He has lost his chance to become President. He is no longer a brand
  • There are many coalitions in Zimbabwe because people do not have confidence in Tsvangirai
  • The MDC Alliance is a reunion of former MDC members
  • Do not keep your money in the bank
  • The Zim dollar is going to come back. Lumumba states that the Zim dollar will likely return in Januray.
  • Mnangagwa has 48 hours left and he has allies that control companies such as Tongaat Hulett which can give him a fighting chance.
  • There is going to be a demonstration to bar Mnangagwa to enter the politburo meeting tomorrow. Mnangagwa is going to be fired from Zanu-PF after the said meeting.
  • Once Grace Mugabe is Vice President she will gun for Mugabe’s position as President.
  • Mnangagwa’s allies should get together and pass a vote of no confidence

Watch the video below:



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