Did He Really Say That? 8 Outrageous Statements Made by Kudzanai Chipanga

6 years agoThu, 16 Nov 2017 06:20:55 GMT
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Did He Really Say That? 8 Outrageous Statements Made by Kudzanai Chipanga

Zanu PF Youth League leader Kudzanai Chipanga made a number of statements which were considered outrageous and shocking, in an effort to ingratiate himself to the first family.  Chipanga seemed to have taken bootlicking to another level. However, with the fall of the first family and the G40 Faction, after the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) took power, Chipanga may be regretting some of his pronouncements. Here are a few that he may be rethinking:

1.We’ll not allow Mugabe to step down. We will even approach the Constitutional Court to compel him to lead us

Assuming that the president says he wants to step down and wants to pave way for someone, we will maintain our position that as long as he is still alive, he must be our president. We will go out of our way even if it means to approach the Constitutional Court to compel him to represent us. We are prepared to go that route because we have our constitutional rights to be represented by someone of our own choice.

Said in an interview with the Standard in March 2017.


2.We are all donkeys in Zanu-PF, including ministers, politburo members and vice-presidents

Let me tell you this, we are all donkeys, just like the one which carried Jesus and this includes every Zanu PF member, ministers, politburo members and vice-presidents. You can only get recognition if you have Mugabe…. He is our Jesus, you can only get a ministerial post if you have Mugabe, you can only get anything you want if Mugabe allows it, without which you are nothing.

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At Youth Interface Rally held in Chinhoyi in July 2017


3. Mugabe is an angel who will be helping God to vet the people who go to heaven on judgement day

Truly speaking, in heaven there is God and here on earth, there is an angel called Robert Gabriel Mugabe. You are representing God here on earth.

But he is an angel. Who doesn’t know that God’s angels are called Gabriel?

I promise you, people, that when we go to heaven don’t be surprised to see Robert Gabriel Mugabe standing beside God vetting people into heaven. Gushungo, you are an angel.

At Youth Interface Rally at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera in June 2017


4. Mugabe is second only to God and equal to Jesus

He is our Messiah, just like Jesus Christ when he liberated the world. Jesus, when he came, liberated the world and when President Mugabe came, he liberated us in this age . . . we honour God, then Jesus Christ and President Mugabe.

At a  meeting to prepare for a Youth Interface Rally in Mash West in July 2017


5.Even the weather respects President Robert Mugabe, he has divine anointing

In recent days it has been raining, even during the night. But just because the President descended on this place, the rains stopped and we had some sunshine. As you can see that the President is done with his speeches and we are through with the programme, we are about to receive some rains again. So to us, it means President Mugabe is not an ordinary person. President Mugabe has got some divine anointing from the Lord Almighty. As we always say, President Mugabe is unlike any other leader in the world, President Mugabe is God-given and it can even be witnessed by the weather.

Speaking after the 21st February Movement celebrations this year.

6.General Chiwenga and Mnangagwa Should Account For Missing $15 Billion

As Commander of the Defence Forces Comrade Chiwenga, we await a report on the whereabouts of the missing 15 billion dollars as the army never accounted for the revenue after extraction. This money would go a long way in the obtaining hardships the soldiers are facing and improve their welfare and morale. Comrade Chiwenga cannot have his cake and eat it too. He also cannot benefit from his own mischief and misdeeds in that together with the former Minister of Defence now fugitive Comrade Dambudzo Mnangagwa, they dismally failed in the stewardship of revenue streams that flowed from Diamond concessions allocated to the Defence Forces whose sole purpose was cushioning the Defence Forces from economic hardships. A day will come when those responsible will have to account to the people.

In a press statement in November 2017.


7.We no longer have any opposition party to talk about here in Zimbabwe, our main opposition is now the economy

It is our feeling as young people we no longer have any opposition party to talk about here in Zimbabwe, our main opposition is now the economy. So while we appreciate efforts being made by the Government to address the economy, we also feel enough is not being done from the Cabinet point of view.

In an interview with the Herald in March 2017


8.We are going to challenge MPs who do not listen to First Lady for Parliamentary Seats

The youths are firmly behind you and are declaring that the only person who is safe from being challenged and will have a soft-landing is none other than RG Mugabe. All the other MPs, who do not work well with others, who do not listen to first Lady Grace Mugabe, we are surely going to challenge them.

At a Youth Interface Rally in Chinhoyi in July 2017



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