Checks and Balances... Instead of feeling betrayed or used, I am inspired

6 years agoTue, 21 Nov 2017 12:22:05 GMT
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Checks and Balances... Instead of feeling betrayed or used, I am inspired

The power to demand accountability is in our hands

I marvel at how easily we are distracted.

We made ourselves heard, seen and felt on Saturday – it was amazing as it is historical.

So when I see money being poured into posters with various rabid messages, I feel disheartened.

Let’s come back to reality. Behind closed doors, there is a lot that is happening that we are not privy to and much as our egos might make us believe otherwise, we have very little influence over the immediate changing landscape. It is fast and fluid and we will be managed/coerced/pushed by those in authority to go with that swift moving flow. Our influence was needed for that moment, we provided it and let’s be real, we’ve been cast aside. The power moves that are now being played will be managed by “those up there”.

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Instead of feeling betrayed or used, I am inspired. We all saw what is possible when we push aside our differences and work towards a common goal. So I feel we are at a point in time where we have to harness that “peoples’ movement” electric energy that we were all part of.

We have to find constructive ways in which to lift ourselves and our country out of moral bankruptcy and economic decline. Ways that will push our progress as a nation.

My starting point would be to elevate our conversations.

We all feel outraged over what we have gone through in the last 3 decades and where we are right now. It is only human for us to dish out the same treatment we have received but that takes us into the gutter and means we get filthy too. I feel it won’t get us anywhere and that satisfaction will be shortlived.

I would rather focus on just one of the things that are on all our minds.

All of us have been receiving messages about the assets accumulated by the so-called criminal element. Some of it is accurate and the rest is exaggerated but it has us all captivated. I am interested in the amassing of the wealth by ALL those who were/are in leadership. They did it at our expense – we worked and they accumulated.

We are all angered by the amassing of wealth by the governing elite.

So as the political landscape changes shape, size and form, I want to put it out there.

What can we do to ensure that the leadership that then takes over is accountable to us? Are there any mechanisms we can put in place to ensure they do not accumulate more wealth by abusing their positions? How do we push for the independence and autonomy of all three arms of government – the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature? Do we push for them to declare their current assets? How do we do that? Besides policy, how can we do it practically? How do we make sure that it is something, that we the people, can be part of?

So I have sparked the conversation and now I ask you to join in and offer your ideas/suggestions?



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