Kangai Accuses ZACC Of Whitewashing Case Against Supa Mandiwanzira

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Kangai Accuses ZACC Of Whitewashing Case Against Supa Mandiwanzira


Reward Kangai, the former chief executive officer of state-owned mobile network operator NetOne, has accused the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) of trying to protect ICT Minister Supa Mandiwanzira by whitewashing the charges made against him. This comes after the anti-graft body cleared Mandiwanzira of any wrongdoing in the numerous allegations made against him by Kangai. Kangai also bemoaned the fact that ZACC was now coming after him for corruption. Said Kangai:

This is an attempt to whitewash the case against the Minister. I never made a report that the money was paid. If it was an attempted murder, would the police go on and investigate a murder case.

The point is I stopped the country and Netone from losing $4 million and here somebody is trying to cover up something despite the evidence having been there including minutes of the meeting.

I reported the matter to the economic intelligence of the government after having made submissions to the Chief Secretary to the President.

I also submitted a document with evidence to the former President in 2016, they didn’t act and now they are after me.

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