Jonathan Moyo's Whereabouts Unearthed?

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Jonathan Moyo's Whereabouts Unearthed?

Nyasa Times Newspaper has claimed that former Higher Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo is in Malawi and said that they will be having a special interview with him.

Moyo has refused to reveal his whereabouts preferring to say he is on Twitter where he has continues to criticise President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Government which he has labelled as illegitimate. He also claimed that he could not disclose his whereabouts because Mnangagwa’s Government wants to assassinate him. Kenyan authorities also denied that Moyo was in Kenya and said that he was a wanted man.

A Facebook post by Malawian based Nyasa Times reads:

Please note that tomorrow we shall have a special interview with Zimbabwe former Higher and TErtiary Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo who is here in exile after the military took over the government in Zimbabwe, for more grab your copy tomorrow.

Nyasa Time’s claim could not be verified by and Jonathan Moyo did not respond to enquiries by when contacted for comment.




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