Don't Use Mugabe's Name Without Permission In Resisting Mnangagwa: Zhuwao

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Don't Use Mugabe's Name Without Permission In Resisting Mnangagwa: Zhuwao

Former president Robert Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao has warned people not to use the former president’s name in various political endeavours. This comes after some of Mugabe’s loyalists have launched a campaign called #2018Resistance purportedly to resist President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration. Although Zhuwao is a supporter of the #2018Resistance campaign, he has called on people not to link it with the Mugabe name.

Speaking to New Zimbabwe, Zhuwao said:

I have noticed that there are a few people that want to use the names and images of Excellences Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe and Dr Grace Mugabe for various political objectives without their express approval.

Whilst it is commendable that there are multitudes of Zimbabweans who wish to support and strengthen the Robert Gabriel Mugabe legacy, such support should be properly coordinated and prosecuted by people on whom proper and appropriate due diligence should have been done prior to them getting support to any venture.

Any use of the names, images and brands of the Mugabe family without their express approval can be viewed with suspicion as being attempts to abuse them.

Zhuwao’s current whereabouts are unknown as he says that he fears for his life. He has vowed not return to Zimbabwe although he granted an interview to a South African channel days before Mugabe stepped down last year. Zhuwao has also written an opinion piece in which he criticised the President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, claiming that Mnangagwa is not popular enough to win an election.



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