"There Is No Evidence Mugabe Resigned": Jonathan Moyo

5 years ago
Fri, 12 Jan 2018 19:20:15 GMT
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"There Is No Evidence Mugabe Resigned": Jonathan Moyo

In a telephone interview with Reuters from an undisclosed location, former Higher Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo said there is no evidence that Zimbabwe’s former president Robert Mugabe resigned voluntarily when the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) took over all institutions of the State.

He suggested that Mugabe could have been coerced into resigning. Said Moyo:

The president was alleged to have resigned. There is no evidence. It is completely unsustainable for anyone to say Mugabe resigned voluntarily when we know the army took over all institutions of the state and confined him to his residence. You have to be applying a Banana Republic model to say he resigned.

Moyo also labelled President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration as illegitimate and said that there would be bloodshed if it is allowed to continue. Said Moyo:

This is a military government. You cannot send the arsonists to be the fire brigade. If you don’t intervene when there has been such an outrageous, brazen attack on a constitutional order, you are simply opening the floodgates to conflict. If they don’t act, just as the sun will rise tomorrow, Zimbabwe will be another Somalia. There will be bloodshed.

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