Zimbabwe Spends US$10 Million On Toilet Paper, Chewing Gum, Dog Food

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Zimbabwe Spends US$10 Million On Toilet Paper, Chewing Gum, Dog Food

The latest Zimbabwe National Statistical Agency information shows US$10 million was used to import toilet paper, chewing gum, dog and cat food topping the list of non-essential items. 

The statistics show US$3, 4 million was spent on tissue paper, US$1,3 million on cat and dog food and US$1,2 million on chewing gum. Roughly US$1, 1 million was used to import tooth brushes while dish towels, dusters and mutton cloths accounted for US$287 887. An additional US$427 973 was spent on natural honey, floor sweepers, mops and feather dusters. Over 4 000 types of household and industrial materials were brought into Zimbabwe from 155 countries.

Industry and Commerce Minister Mike Bimha said Government is working on measures to rectify the situation. Said Bimha:

I don’t have those figures yet, but Government’s policy is clear. We are in the process of growing investments and encouraging local content production. So, we are working with various stakeholders to ensure we increase availability of foreign currency. Statutory Instrument 64 resuscitated a lot of companies and even those that did not want foreign currency previously suddenly approached the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to ask for it.

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