I Will Quit Politics Once I Know How Obert Mpofu Got So Wealthy: Temba Mliswa

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I Will Quit Politics Once I Know How Obert Mpofu Got So Wealthy: Temba Mliswa


Outspoken member of parliament for Norton, Temba Mliswa has challenged Minister of Home Affairs Obert to disclose how he became so wealthy. According to Mliswa, he will quit politics if Mpofu reveals his secrets for accumulating so much wealth. Mliswa made the claims on ZiFM’s The Platform – Ask The MP Programme on Tuesday night. Earlier on during the programme, Mliswa said that no one was beyond the law and actually went as far as singling out Minister Mpofu as the prime suspect in the alleged theft of US$15 billion in diamond revenue, as he was the Minister of Mines and Mining Development at that time. Mpofu has often been accused of massive corruption although he is yet to be arrested or convicted. Said Mliswa

There is no one who is untouchable or cannot be brought before Parliamentary Committees or the courts. There is no one who is untouchable if Mugabe was touched then who cannot be touched by Parliament

Can Mpofu tell us how he became so rich so that he may become a role model for wealth creation so that I can change my profession too!!

Obert Mpofu must tell us how he got his wealth, he has been unwilling to share his success story

Mliswa who is the chairperson of the Parliamentary Mines and Energy Portfolio Committee also said that he was going to fully investigate and ascertain the true value of the revenue which Zimbabwe was prejudiced of. Mliswa also seemingly dismissed presidential spokesperson George Charamba’s claim that former president Robert Mugabe had made up the  US$15 billion figure for maximum effect in order to reclaim the diamond fields. Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Patrick Chinamasa also told legislators the same, saying that when Mugabe mentioned the US$5 billion he was speaking figuratively and not literally.  Said Mliswa

We don’t care about what George Charamba says, there was never a time that Mugabe came back to say I was joking so it was not a joke.



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